Would you save Hall and Oates from a burning building?

Thought about putting this in IMHO, but figured it would just get bounced over here anyway.

Mr. Rilch and I were listening to talk radio this evening, and “Private Eyes” was played on the way back from commercials. Mr. Rilch grumbled, and I said, “I’m 33, and that’s old enough to just start admitting stuff: I like Hall and Oates. I liked them in the '80s, and I still like them now.”

Mr. Rilch has forbidden me to ever mention Hall and Oates again in his presence. He insists that no one with a millimicron of taste likes them. He went on to say that he wouldn’t save them from a burning building, not even if he were a trained EMT in full gear and it was just a matter of guiding them towards the fire stairs, at no risk to himself… He said he’d save Leo Sayer, Neil Diamond, and “even the guy who sang ‘Feelings’” before he’d save Hall and/or Oates.

So lets hear from some Dopers? Would you save Hall and Oates from a burning building?

me and my mate Jon would save them.
I’d assume the problem would be Darryl Hall using John Oates as a human shield against the fire, because everybody knows hes his bitch.
‘Family man’ and ‘i cant go for that’ rock.
i also own rock and soul vol1 on vinyl, bought for a pound.

I liked them up until “Out of Touch, Out of Time” and “Adult Education” they lost it for me as a listener then.

But I’d probably save Hall since he has the voice and worked with Robert Fripp on some solo work. Oates, eh, would anybody notice if he were gone?

He prefers Leo Sayer to Hall and Oats? That’s like preferring Ambrosia to Barry White.

No, he doesn’t prefer Leo Sayer; he doesn’t like LS at all. He just lacks the same animosity for LS that he has for Hall and Oates.

He should listen to their ‘Live at the Apollo’ album.

I’d bring marshmallows and watch them burn…

I would save them during the Sarah Smile era.

I would bring kerosene during the Maneater era.
I would’ve brought some Noxema™ either time. They need to get rid of that tacky makeup.

I’d save Oates just so he can cry while I dance on Hall’s grave while drinking Chianti. I like 80’s music and everything but they are just painful to listen to.

In the extremely unlikely event that they were carrying a suitcase full of cash, then yes, I would.

I would lock all the doors and strike the match

I think you should all be aware that Hall & Oates are having somewhat of a renaissance at the moment.

I went to a friend’s 40th birthday party on Saturday night. He’s moderately well known. It was at a cool place, the guests were cool, the champagne was chilled, as was the conversation. The DJ was very cool.

The first track he played to get us all dancing was ‘I Can’t Go For That’.

I thought for a moment it was a considerate yet ironic and humorous gesture towards myself, knowing full well as my host did that I am a fan of the twosome.

But no. Proper Trendy People were up and grooving and singing and I was so darned pleased.

Sara Smile was one of the best love songs ever. (Adult Education was rubbish though, I grant you). However, I’ve often thought that should be a Supergroup of Mediocrity, Oates might be involved. Daryl is da man.

That would be Garfunkel, Messina, Oates and Lisa playing their number two hit “Born to Runner-Up”!

I’d also include Andrew Ridgeley, the other guy from Wham! but that would necessitate thinking that Wham! and/or George Michael solo had any merit.

I’m not afraid to say I like hall and Oates. The Behind the Music best of album is in my car right now.

Hall had one of the best R&B voices ever.

R&B harmonies, Philly soul – yup, those white boys put out some damn good pop music.

Hall and Oates got too popular and made some bad records - I mean, “M-E-T-H-O-D O-F L-O-V-E” The Method of Modern Love? Please.

But, having said that, twickster is right. They knew their Philly Soul, Daryl Hall was gifted with a truly amazing voice, and some of their songs are really good - Sara Smile, Rich Girl, I Can’t Go for That, etc…

So compared to many other acts, I would definitely save them. They are more like the Doobie Brothers or Jefferson Airplane - good bands that lost their way.


P.S.: Oh, and Rilch? While George Michael is a complete whackjob, his solo album Faith is a well-produced album with some catchy tunes on it. I am not a big fan, but it is a well-crafted piece of pop, and he has a great voice.

If I were IN the burning building and was making good my escape and I happened to see Hall and Oats going the wrong way, I would yell “This way!” and point the way out. If Hall were injured in some way, I would probably help Oats carry him out if it didn’t slow me down too much. Maybe.

If I were outside the burning building and someone said “Oh my God! Hall and Oats are in there! Someone should save them!”, I would say “Huh. That’s too bad. I kinda liked ‘Maneater’ and ‘I Can’t Go for That’, in that they didn’t make me want to smash the radio.” Hell, I’d even use my cell phone to call 911, 'cause that’s just the kind of guy I am.

Now, if I were in the burning building making good my escape and saw 80’s hitmakers Chicago going the wrong way…well, let’s just say it would be the night Chicago died.

A complete whackjob?

Why, pray tell?