Would you see 3 Doors Down Live?

Sorry for my plethora of posts in CS tonight, but I had the opportunity to purchase advance sale tix for 3 Doors Down thru my radio station.

I didn’t get them cuz I really am only familiar with two of their songs; Kryptonite & When I’m Gone.

Will I regret my decision in not getting tix for this show?


Not even if they were playing at the Jackson Coliseum.


I suspected as much. Heh.

Have you seen 'em before?

What is the Jackson Coliseum? (duh)

Do you like jujyfruits?

I didn’t know where you were posting from. But here is Mississippi they’re airing commercials like they are a first tier band.

Same boat as you, but I only knew Kryptonite. The opening bands, I have never heard of.

However if it concerned you enough to start a thread, maybe you should go see them.

Don’t like jujyfruits. Only good in the context of Eddie Murphy monologues.

I did have a chance to go see them live recently, and the only reason I didn’t go was because I didn’t want to go alone. I like most of the songs from their first CD, and I got their second one for Christmas. I like 3 Doors Down, but I do have to say a lot of their songs sound very alike.
I kind of regret not going, but not in a major way. I haven’t exactly worn out the first CD with constant listening, and I’ve only listened to the second one once.
So, instead of a solid Yes! or No!, all you get from me is a wishy-washy maybe. But then, that’s me, Queen of the Wishy-washies.

(Think of it this way: Did you really want to spend money on a concert based on two songs?)

That’s what I thought, thi6 - thanks! :slight_smile:

My music opinion counts for nothing, since I hardly ever listen. But I do remember the one day that I turned on the radio I heard a segment of an interview with one of the band members. Even though I don’t care for either of their songs, it was the interview that made me loathe them…

Interviewer: Is it true that you came up with the lyrics for “Kryptonite” in high school?
Band Member: (goofy southern accent) Yup. I wrote ‘em in mah notebook in algee-bruh class. I guess I didn’t get much use outta algebra, but I got some lyrics. Huh huh huh.
Interviewer: And how did you come up with the name Three Doors Down?
Band Member: Well, this one time we was drivin’ through Alabama and saw a sign that said “Doors Down”. An’ there was three of us at the time, so we called ourselves Three Doors Down. A-hyuck.


If you like them, that’s fine. No need to defend yourself or them to me. I just thought this tale was a little amusing. :smiley:

Haw haw haw, eggcellent, Achernar!

Would you see 3 Doors Down Live?

No, Mr. Bond. I would see them…die.

Seen 'em four times, and I hope to see them many more times in the future.

High energy, good crowds, and excellent performances.

However, they have all been club shows, so I don’t know how well it would translate to an arena.

And Achernar, just because they don’t pahk theyah cah in a garahge, doesn’t mean they are morons.

Great. Now I regret not getting the advance tix.


Yeah I know, Spit. I have a lot of friends from Alabama who sound like it, who aren’t morons. It was really what he said that stuck with me, not how he said it, although the accent certainly added to it. :wink: I didn’t just put those laughs in there as hyperbole. He was laughing at what he said, as if they were brilliant bon mots.

I’m not saying that they’re morons, but I’m also not saying that morons can’t be good musicians, either. :slight_smile:


Buwahahahaha… :smiley:

re: OP

Haven’t seen them live, but I would. I have the first CD and used to listen to it constantly. It’s solid beginning to end. Haven’t picked up their new one yet.

You took the time to hit ‘reply’, strain the hamsters, and wait for submission…to give us this drive-by of wisdom? wtf?

The Governor’s First Rule of Concert Attendance:

If you wouldn’t buy an album by the headline act, don’t bother buying concert tickets.

My sister saw them live a few times before they had an album out - she was a bartender in one of the hottest nightclubs on the Mississippi Gulf Coast (now there’s a superlative for you). She said they’re pretty good. I’d go to see them if they were playing at a bar or a club - someplace there would be other distractions - but I wouldn’t bother to catch a real concert in an auditorium or arena.



I actually went to one of their gigs a few weeks ago. I thought it was great! But maybe you shouldn’t listen to me, 'cause I’m a fan and I’m biased. shrugs