Would you support EV-only parking spaces?

I just read this article about how China plans to have 10 million EV parking spaces by 2020. In this case I think they are referring to ‘a parking space with a plug next to it’ so the car can be charged whilst the owner is shopping/working etc but it got me thinking about a similar idea.

Let’s say that a scheme was put forth to introduce EV-only parking spaces near entrances or in otherwise prime locations. In this scheme there would be a hierarchy of parking, disabled nearest, then EV-only, then everyone else. The idea being of course that people would be more likely to buy an EV if they knew it meant they could park right outside the shops. I’m not sure where hybrids would fit into this, let’s just ignore them for now. Would you support such a scheme as a way to a greener future or would you object to it?

Simple poll to follow though I have never done one before so expect a black hole to open or something.

I don’t mind reserved spaces as long as it includes charging stations.

They don’t need to be closer, just because you’re green doesn’t mean you can’t walk.:smiley:

Wait a minute - I was under the impression people who drove EVs are smarter and better than people who drive other vehicles, especially larger gas-guzzling type vehicles, thus deserving of preferential treatment. :confused:

Why can’t every space just have a charging station and we retain the same every-man-for-himself situation we currently have in parking lots?

Simply put - hellz no! Park the car and walk, hippy!

Yanno, of all the reasons I’d consider for buying such a vehicle, where I’d park isn’t even on the map.

These mostly rich people already get taxpayer subsidies for their vanity car. Not to mention the fact that global warming is a fraud designed to make Al Gore rich and there are heavy environmental costs in mining rare metals needed. I say put the “EVs Must Park Here Or Be Towed” spaces as far away from the entrances as possible. Walking is good for those rich slime.

Here in Minnesota, quite a few parking spaces have them already.
Of course. they are intended for plugging in your engine block heater in winter.

I voted “no” because there are already EV spaces at my office park, and they piss me off. I hadn’t considered that they would have charging stations… because the ones in my office park don’t. They’re just really close to the doors.

I work in a brand new “green” building. Several of the closest spaces are designated “Hybrid only.” I believe only 1 person out of 70 drives a Prius. Having the spaces doesn’t bother me a bit.

If you’re playing “follow the money”, I like how you connect Al Gore to it as the ultimate winner in the situation and conveniently overlook the consistently record-breaking profits of the oil companies.

Only if they provide charging stations; in that case, they make a lot of sense.

ONLY if the EV-only spaces were the absolute farthest away on the back lot from the entrance.

In fact, I think EV’s should be REQUIRED to park in the farthest away spots and EV’s should be PROHIBITED from parking in spaces that gasoline engine cars use.

Not until driving an Electric Vehicle* is available to Joe Average, and not just Richie Rich. Right now, it would just be discrimination against the poor.

*Would it have killed you to spell it out just once? :stuck_out_tongue:

I think those wiring constraints would introduce an unnecessary burden on the store owners.

The whole thing was designed specifically for Al Gore? So way back before anybody knew Al Gore gave a fig about GW or even knew that he existed, the scientists who were talking about GW were doing so for the sake of Al Gore? :confused:

I think it is great that cars are going all-electric, but didn’t vote in the poll.
Don’t know if it is necessary to have EV parking up front by handicapped parking.
I wouldn’t be pissed off or anything, but agree those people can walk just like anyone else. It would, however, be unfair for someone like me to park my gas-guzzler in those spots.

My question is, who pays for the electricity? One car cost about $1.50 to re-charge (I think I read that somewhere), so if you have 200 or more cars out there re-charging, who foots that bill? I guess at that point, there might be some kind of coin operated device attached?

I think having spaces with charging stations (presumably credit/debit card operated) makes sense and obviously such spaces should be reserved for cars that can make use of the chargers. If that’s being done than there should be one or two extra handicapped spots that also have chargers since there’s nothing stopping a handicapped person from owning an electric car.

I’d be for making charging stations readily available, but I don’t really see the need for premium parking. If a store wants to do it that’s fine, it’s their property, but I don’t think you can justify that in city lots and on-street parking. Generally speaking, if municipal parking is at a premium then you should be encouraging people to not drive at all, not to drive in with their electric cars. Electric cars still block up streets and cause congestion.

That’s what I was going to say, too - if you can plug your electric car into a regular socket, we’re pretty much set up in western Canada already.

How does that work? Do they accept credit/debit cards?