Would you switch your religious faith to be with the one you love?

I’m an atheist but I’d worship almost anything for a piece of ass.

Nope, unless they were a member of a different Christian denomination.

Mr. Ujest was raised Lutheran. I was raised Catholic. ( Pretty much the same thing.) we were married in a catholic church with a Priest and Minister doing the job.

Pretty much Catholics will take any Christians, at least that was my take on it. Which is one hell of a change in attitude in the last thirty years or so. Now, they just want a higher head count and more mula, again, this is my opinion and I am slightly jaded.

Neither of us are church goers or bible types.

I was reared in a non religious home. My folks weren’t anti- religion or anything, they just didn’t attend church and we never had a conversation about God that I can recall. As a young adult, I began attending a church and was comforted by the belief in God, Jesus and creation. I developed no strong affiliation with that particular church though.

My husband, who I met in my mid 20’s, was reared in a strict Seventh Day Adventist home. After reviewing their beliefs, I chose not to convert, but to support his desire to rear our children SDA. We’ve had some lively discussions over the years regarding some of the churches doctrine, but overall I remain supportive of his leadership in our children’s religious upbringing, including our children now attending SDA school after years of homeschooling.

My brothers have also converted to their wives religion (Catholic) because they loved their wives and supported their desires in the religious upbringing of their children.

Well, when I met my husband, I was pretty active in the LDS Church and had a strong faith. He was Christian–didn’t really have a denomination, didn’t really have a strong faith or a core set of beliefs. The most I could ever get out of him was that he believed in Jesus. So when he was baptized into the LDS Church, it wasn’t a very big deal to him. He didn’t even realize that he was changing faiths. (Though, there is a HUGE difference between protestant churches and LDS beliefs…I’m surprised he didn’t notice…)
Of course, shortly after he was baptized I became an atheist, so it was a moot point anyway. Now I have really no fucking clue what he believes in. The nearest i can tell, he’s a Deist. So it all worked out in the end.
But I wouldn’t change, and in hindsight, I do regret asking him to become a Mormon…but at the time I was 17 and it really meant a lot ot me.

This has actually come up once for me. To get the joke, though, you have to understand the basic background that I am a gay man and a card-carrying atheist (are we giving out membership cards now?)

Anyway, a sweet young man that I fell madly in love with many years ago came from a Methodist family. He even actually went to church once in a while - his mom and dad went every Sunday, um, religiously.

The problems started after a few months in post-lovemaking moments. He was a bit questioning at the time and in the afterglow, became convinced every so often that he was “going to hell” for having sex with men (not that it stopped him or made him less, um, enthusiastic, in bed…)

I was obviously baffled on two fronts - first, how he could believe in a god or whatever. Second, how he could let that belief affect his feelings about me, our relationship, etc.

So, here was a guy who seemed perfectly comfortable being gay, except for that teenie-weenie part about being convinced that he was going to be punished because of it - going out with a guy who didn’t believe in any of it from any direction.

Long story short - after a while, we decided that it just wasn’t working out. What was I supposed to do, suddenly find religion so I could feel as guilty as him? :slight_smile:

Interstingly, he eventually moved in with and bought a house with a nice Catholic boy. I guess they can have mutual guilt trips now.

So, to answer the OP - no.

To me, religion is just a tradition for managing certain aspects of our lives - teaching morals and performing rituals such as holidays, weddings and funerals. So I wouldn’t mind changing at all. But if I’m required to actually change my beliefs in god (or rather, to start believing in god) then no, I wouldn’t change.

Nope. Love me, love my Cat. (Or at least accept that I follow Her.)

(That’s a Bast joke.)

Any weird cults out there trading sex for worship? Email me.

Nope. I’d even have trouble getting married in a church - with a Priest standing there reading from a bible and rabbiting on about god and jesus et al, I just know that I’d start to feel uncomfortable and false, which is not how I want to feel while I’m getting married.

And no children of mine are going to church unless they specifically ask to.

I am so going to be single forever.

Well, I’m Muslim, the SO’s athiest ( fully fledged, religion is the cause of all that is bad, card carrying one at that!). We’ve had this discussion, he’s not going to convert to Islam, and I’m not going to give up my faith. So, no. This of course means that my parents’ will never consent to the two of us getting married, but strangely enough are quite happy for me not to get married at all.

Go figure.

My folks did this when they got married. My mom was Catholic; my dad was Baptist; so they became Presbyterians. My mom already had issues with the Catholic church, so she didn’t mind switching. And my dad felt that the Presbyterian and Baptist churches had enough similarities (salvation through grace, congregation-led leadership as opposed to a top-down heirarchy, etc.) that he could transition fairly easily.

My mother had one guy (back in the '50’s) convert to Catholicism because they were engaged. The engagement fell through and she married my Catholic father. After my father died 4 years ago, she married one of his best friends, a guy he’d known since high school. That man converted to Catholicism when he married her, although he was taking instruction before the marriage.


Anglican avidly pursuing an agnostic/atheist here … we’ve pretty much agreed to respect each other’s beliefs, without trying to get any sort of conformity. Mutual respect being, in my view, a Good Thing in a relationship.

(My plan is, if I’m right, to put in a good word for her with The Boss come Judgment Day. If she’s right, neither of us is going to be worried about it … )

Hypothetically, I might consider switching Christian denominations if it were truly important to a potential partner … there are limits, though, to how far I could, in good conscience, go with that. There’s no way I could turn Fundamentalist, or Roman Catholic, for example.

I’ve had this type of discussion with a guy who is truly my Significant “Other”. :slight_smile: I’m an atheist, he’s a Unitarian Universalist.

What he asked was along the lines of, “Does it bother you that I’m so involved in my church?”. I replied that it doesn’t bother me & wouldn’t in the future, provided that I wasn’t prodded to convert/believe/participate/whatever. Were I to join a religion, I would feel as though I were living a falsehood.

So no, to answer the OP, I wouldn’t convert even for someone for whom I had a deep love.

No way.
Not worth it.

I would, on the face of it, anyway, unless I felt it was a really whacked religion.

I can’t believe God cares all that much - if Ips did, Ips woulda given clearer signs about what’s expected of us.

I’m an atheist, and I would not consider joining a church to get married. When I was a teenager, I joined my parents church (in which I’d been raised) under their pressure, and I won’t make that kind of mistake again.

I wouldn’t do it, I didn’t do it the first time and I won’t do it the next time. My beliefs (or lack thereof) are part of who I am, inside, as opposed to things like a beard or long hair, which aren’t so important to me, so I would expect my SO to accept me with my original operating system.