Would you take a job washing windows of a sky scraper?

Given that I hate, hate, hate, harnesses, no.

Now, if I could do it without being tied, in a New York Minute. I have no problem with heights, just with being tied.

Job’s boring. Height? Who cares? But the view would be nice when you had some spare time to look around. I’d be more unhappy with the cold & incessant wind than the height.

Like many of the Dirty Jobs, I’d like to try it for a day. Can you imagine the stories Mike Rowe will be able to tell his grandkids?

What amazes me is the guys who work on building tall buildings, and walk around on girders, without any sort of safety harness, 300+ feet up. :eek:


The whole time I was watching that, I kept thinking “Don’t just stand there videoing that, you jackass, do something!” But, um, what was he suposed to do? I would be absolutely sick watching that in person and being unable to help.

Make it 2 kajillion dollars and perhaps we’ll talk. Other than that, the damn windows can just stay dirty for all I care.

No way. I wouldn’t mind the temperatures. But the heights are a deal-breaker for me.

It happened in Denver about three years ago. The booms on the roof collapsed, sending the platform swinging. Both guys on the platform came away fine (physically, at least).

Incidentally, it wasn’t a good couple of days for that window washing company:

I don’t mind the heights, and I’m sure you’d see some interesting stuff in the windows. :wink:

But I’m sure it’s boring and very hot or cold depending on the time of year.

Maybe if the pay was really good.

A friend and I asked the window washers out for drinks via a note pressed up to our window. They were awful cute.

I wouldn’t go higher than about 5 stories. I get a little dizzy just thinking about it.

Same here. I can’t even think about it without getting all twitchy.

No problem with the heights, but the boredom and probably relatively extreme temperatures would get to me.

God, I’d love to do something like that. I missed an opportunity to do it too. I’d moved to Florida and got word of a job, so I called some guy’s cell left my details on his voicemail and never got a response. Called a couple of times, only to get his voice mail.

Would’ve loved to do that. Shouldn’t neglect to mention I’m into skydiving and it’d be a great opportunity to hunt for BASE opportunities…

I’d love to do a ‘ride along’ some day but I don’t think I would find it interesting enough to make it a full time career.

Some of the skyscraper window washers around here don’t even have those big honkin’ platforms. They look like this.

I am well and truly not cut out for that kind of work, but if it were the only work available, I’d like to think I’d take it.

I’d try it out for a while. If nothing else, think of the bored office worker flasher stories you’d have!