Would You Toke if it Were Legal?

See! I was right!

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Illegal shillegal. Who cares about that? Wanna’ get high go to Ann Arbor for the annual smokefest. I’d toke it up right now except that as an agreement with my employer I’m not supposed to. They also do random drug screening. I don’t particularly like my current position, but it’s a lot better than nothing.

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Yes, I would.

Of course, like almost everything else in my life, with moderation.

Maybe a toke or 20 on a weekend, maybe a few beers.

Gateway? Pots a gateway? If you’re going to use hard drugs, what does it matter if you started with pot? Some people will go as far as they can to get the rush, for whatever reason. Legalize pot, make it so everyone loves it, and then you’ll have people clammering to legalize peyote and LSD and others claiming they’re gateways to acid, crack, and poofnall (hypothetical new drug).

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“Legalize pot, make it so everyone loves it, and then you’ll have people clammering to legalize peyote and LSD and others claiming they’re gateways to acid, crack, and poofnall (hypothetical new drug.”

LSD a gateway to acid? I think I agree completely with that one. :smiley:

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I recently concluded that it’s better to be hypocritical that unrealistic. In the light of that, I wouldn’t support legalization of pot. It ain’t gonna happen, and if it did a lot of social problems would worsen. I got mine, but I know when to choose my battles.

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…like I said…

yeah pot is definatly a gateway drug…its a gateway to the munchies…anyway to be serious I used to be a big time pothead and smoked everynight…I just started feeling down about it. I had a lack of motivation to do anything. I still smoke on occasion but I cannot let myself become a pothead again because I would become useless…thats not to say that everybody that uses it is a uselss pothead…it just depends from person to person. thats my .02

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Alcohol was never a favored intoxicant of mine. I never really ever drank regularly and now I really hardly ever drink a drop. I guess I grew out of it. In my experience alcohol is a downer dude. I don’t like the way it makes me feel.

I used to use marijuana regularly, but now I seldom light up a big fattie. Laugh if you will, but I’ve had some very creative moments under the influence of marijuana. The effect that I get from marijuana intoxication is that it makes me concious of thought in several (sometimes simultaneous) not very controllable tangents. That kind of buzz appeals to me. (who’s with me?)

Legalization would’t affect my personal rate of consumption.

It would be nice if legalization had the effect of lowering the cost and removing the criminal penalties though.

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I don’t smoke.

I smoked a couple of times, didn’t do anything for me.

I think it should be legal, though.

But if it was, I doubt it’s (non)effect on me would differ much.

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That was debunked by a U.S. GOVERNMENT COMISSIONED STUDY, Rousseau. Knowing how much you love the government, I’d hope you could at least believe this study, if any. The Institue of Medicine study last year which confirmed THC’s medical benefits also laid waste to that pathetic old Anslinger theory that most intelligent people never took seriously in the first place.

To those of you who wouldn’t partake because of the lung cancer risk, would you take a pill that contained THC (the active component of pot) if it were legal, assuming there were no other health risks?

Please forgive me for putting my unworthy post in this forum, beside such hotly debated topics as “Sports Salaries” and “Does More Posts Make You a Better Poster?” In the future, I will (sniffle) place my lowbrow opinions and questions, aka “fodder” in a much lower-quality forum.

Please, dear moderators, move this thread as needed. Feel free to slap me on the rump as you show me the door. If I’ve got a decent buzz on, I might enjoy it. :slight_smile:

I would not. Smoke in your lungs is bad, no matter what. Brownies,maybe.

I tried it in my younger days. Can’t say that I enjoyed it that much. It’s really not worth the trouble especially when it’s not legal. I have my doubts about making it legal. My son is screwy enough I could imagine how he would be doped up.

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I have allergic reactions to both pot and cats.

Wherever I smoke pot, right there is where I’ll be sleeping (after sneezing for a while).

I might tokabowl as long as I was sitting on my couch, remote in hand, cheesy poofs at the ready, Mountain Dew on ice, and antihistamines arrayed.

In reading the replies to this message thread, it really comes down to:

Those who do toke, do it whatever the legal status.
Those who don’t toke, wouldn’t do it whatever the legal status.

There are so many pros and cons to consuming any form of mind-altering substance, even coffee and chocolate cake.

For the record, I do toke and have since high school, although much more now than then. I am a 43 year old married mother of two, have a very high paying job as a computer consultant, live in a very upscale house in the white bread suburbs - probably the stereotypical opposite of a stoner! But I have a girlfriend my age who has a friend who has a friend that gets me a bag o’ weed every three months or so and everytime I have the house to myself or the kids are in bed and the husband is out, I roll myself a fat one, go out on the deck and enjoy the scenery. I think I am very responsible about it - I don’t operate heavy machinery while under the influence. It’s my little release from the day’s stress. I love to watch a movie or listen to music and the serious effects last only about an hour. I have no other vices I can think of. I don’t drink more than a glass of wine at dinner because I get totally hungover after just a couple of cocktails. I do keep it a secret from my husband and kids mainly because of its legal status.

Is it right? I don’t know. But I think there are a lot of worse things I could do to find a stress release.

If pot were legal, I would never drink again.

Alcohol, in large quantities, makes you sick. It also makes you stumbly.

Pot, in large quantities, makes you sleep. I’ve noticed very little coordination problems when I’m high.

I still wouldn’t toke and drive, just as I don’t drink and drive. But I prefer pot over alcohol, even though I very rarely do either. (I’m a college student, and I haven’t been tipsy in almost a month, and before that, New Year’s, and before that, Halloween. I haven’t smoked pot since my 21st birthday. As you can see, I save both for special occasions.)

So, by all means, if pot were legal, I’d smoke it. The legal issue never stopped me before. I doubt I’d smoke it any more than I go out and get drunk now, though.

Nope. I have asthma and hate having ANY thing but clean air in my lungs.
If it were a pill, I still wouldn’t because I also am having more and more short term memory problems and don’t need any more help in that department either.

I’ve never been wild about the stuff. As a kid I was so doped up on antihistimines all the time, that feeling doped up has never had much attraction for me.

If I were queen and had my druthers, the THC would be available in pill form so people who use it in public places wouldn’t be filling up the air with smoke. Ditto for cigarettes–wish they’d pass out nicotine patches for public places :wink:


What are you talking about? Please clarify this comment.

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I’ve tried it, but if it became legal I probably wouldn’t do it again. I try to stay away from any substance that makes me try to eat my own weight in Doritos. :stuck_out_tongue:
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