Would you use Craigslist or Ebay to sell this item?

I have a certificate, donated to a non profit, that we put up for bid at a Silent Auction. The bidder has now decided that she does not wish to purchase it. She did not realize that the auction close date was later than the rest of the auctions and already purchased a TV package by the time she was notified that she had won this one.

I will be offering it for sale, but wonder What Would Dopers Do. If you were me, would you list it on Ebay or on Craigslist. What reason would there be to prefer one method over the other? Do you think both methods would be about equal?

It’s a certificate for a year of Hi Def Satellite TV service, free other than taxes and whatnot. It has to be a person who is not currently a customer of this company, but it is transferrable.


You only use Craigslist for things that don’t ship well, etc.

I’ve got major issues with the fees ebay charges, but I tried craigslist for a notebook and it was worthless. I kept getting Nigerian scam offers and 50% of value offers for a new Win 7 notebook that was already 50% off retail. It sold on ebay in 3 hours for $50 more than I had on craigslist which paid the shipping and ebay + paypal fees.

In reviewing the ads I got the impression craigslist is effective for apartment rentals in major urban markets, getting gay action on short notice and for giving away free baby clothes.

eBay. And a lecture for the woman about how auctions work.

eBay. I have used it for leftover prizes after DU functions and the response is sometimes really good. And depending on the non-prof, you may be able to skip some of the fees and stuff by having the money go direct to them.

Except even the apartment rentals are full of scam ads. Craigslist has just too many damn scams.

Yeah, I guess ebay would make more sense. More set up, but having an account for the non profit might be a good thing anyway. I recall there being lower fees for NP orgs on ebay as well.

I agree with you, Hal Briston, on the lecture for the woman involved, but it would do no good. She’s a person who is not a member of our non profit org, and she’s a hockey mom. Her decision does not surprise me. I’m writing her name down though, and next year, when we do our next auction, we will not be accepting bids from her. Do I have to warn her about that? I don’t really want to. I’d rather surprise her.

Organizing a Silent Auction is a lot of work, but you do get a whole lot of abuse for it, so there’s that for payment. Ah well, we made a few bucks for a good cause too.