Would you vote for a measure to lower the drinking age to 18?

That’s the question, would you be for or against the lowering of the drinking age to 18?


Waiting until 21 seems like a meaningless law that not many really follow anyway, so I ask, why not lower it to 18?

Of course, I haven’t really thought much about this, so I could probably easily change my opinion after hearing real arguments.

I’d be for making the draft age and the drinking age the same. I always thought it was stupid that apparently 18 year olds are mature enough to handle weapons and killing, yet a Heinekin is apparently is too much for the youngsters.

Raising the draft age to the drinking age of 21 would be OK with me too.

If you can can die for this country at 18, you damn well should have the right to drink.

I’d vote for it. I have no idea why American 18-year-olds are not considered mature enough to drink when 18-year-olds in virtually every other country on earth are. Also, I believe that the infantilization of college students is one of the more disturbing trends in our society; I’m in favor of treating them, and expecting them to behave, as fully fledged adults in every respect.

Also, I do believe that various other societies where the parents introduce children to alcohol at a far younger age have less drinking problems than the US (no cite, just what I’ve heard).

When I was 18, the drinking age was 18…and I also registered for the draft at the same time. Some would argue I turned out OK.

I agree that being asked to die for your country, or vote in an election that could change the course your country takes, yet being told you are not mature enough to have a beer seems very wrong.

I agree with the previous statements saying that it seems strange to be able to vote, serve in the military and generally be considered an adult, yet not be able to consume alchohol.

In college, it seemed that the high drinking age (that most people don’t reach until their senior year) led to abuse. You obviously couldn’t drink in the safety of your dorm room or suite, nor could you go to a bar where bouncers and bartenders could cut off people who get out of control. Instead people went to overcrowded apartment parties, often having to depend on another drunk person for a ride home.

My opinion is that, college students will drink. When it’s illegal for them to do so, it’s very hard to create and enforce social norms like drinking in moderation and being responsible for your life and the lives of others while under the influence. You’re already breaking the law, how can their be rules? University officials and law enforcement loose all ability to regulate or shape behavior, because it’s driven underground.

I am very much in favor of lowering the drinking age to 18. It’s absolutely ridiculous to expect teenagers not to drink; and limiting the age to 21 just causes them to go to unsupervised keggers instead. It is a given that 18 year olds will want beer, we might as well have them drink it in the same company as more responsible adults.

I am also in favor of raising the driving age. I can think of absolutely no good reason why a 16 year old should be behind the wheel of a car.

I can, work.

I am for raising the voting age and the draft age to 21 and keeping the drinking age a 21. Don’t know about you, but thinking back to when I was 18, none of us were responsible enough to consume alcohol. Did not stop us though.

Yeah, and raise the driving age to 18 as well. Damn whippersnappers!!!

All in all, either you raise the others, or drop the drinking age. I don’t really like the idea of being able to die for your country and not being able to order the unofficial national pass time. Hypocrisy I do not support.

If an 18-year-old can help choose who the next president of the United States is, surely he or she can choose whether or not to drink.

As my father says(about university/college students), they don’t have a car and they live within walking distance of their home. What better time for them to find their limits?

Living in a place where it already is 18, I find 21 bizarre. Those extra three years would seem like an eternity at that age. Waiting until I was 18 before I could go into a pub, vote, etc already seemed like an incredible wait when I was a teenager.

And yes, if you can die for your country, you should be able to have a beer.

If I were king, I’d make draft, vote, and drinking age 20. Just because it’s a nice round number.

Mr. S makes the point that now we have a volunteer army; there is no draft. So that gives this argument a little less weight, since nobody is forcing you to die for your country anymore.

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And I don’t think anybody has ever died or killed someone by irresponsible voting. :dubious:
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I wonder if anyone has the age based statistics for the change in drunk driving deaths in states that shifted from 18 to 21 legal drinking age. I’ll bet there was a distinct decline in youth deaths behind the wheel.

Until binge drinking is no longer so popular among the college and frat boy sets plus other youth groups, I’ll reluctantly have to vote “no” on lowering the age.


I grew up in a country where 18/19 is the norm. I feel that if you can vote, marry, and go to war, you should be able to have a drink.

If one can die for ones country and vote, than one should be able to drink.

But I’d be OK with changing the age for these to 21. Or 30, or 20. As long as we are consistent.

An adult should be an adult for all things.

True, some 18 yo’s are not responsible. Neither are some 80 yo’s. (for that matter, so are some 30 yo’s.) Shall we say an 80 yo who is somewhat senile can’t drink?

Can you imagine the furor if we said “anyone over 70 can’t drink”?

Or, how about if it was really shown that Indians don’t handle alcohol well- can we ban them from drinking?

An adult citizen is an adult citizen- for EVERYTHING. Anything else is discrimination.


They lowered the age from 21 to 18 last year here in NZ. The major problem is policing 10-15 yo kids, since it’s harder to differentiate guess 15-18 than 15-21.