Would you want to live next door to a police station?

On the one hand, you could probably be pretty confident no one would ever break into your house.

On the other hand … dang. Right next door?

I don’t think I would. I live a totally boring and law-abiding life – but it would be hard to not be conscious of their presence all the time.

A block away – yeah, I could do that. But not right next door.

What about you?

As long as “right next door” could be construed as “down the road a piece, because I have a BIG yard” I wouldn’t mind. Close enough that I can hear them getting into the cars at change of shift, no.

There was a significant advantage, at least potentially, to living next to a police or fire station or hospital in California during the rolling blackouts. If you were on the same part of the grid that they were, you wouldn’t be subject to rolling blackouts. That’s not an issue any more, though.

I’d be worried about the noise associated with being right next to a police station. They send out cars with lights and sirens at all hours. That’s what would bother me, not anything about their being able to watch me.

No, a block away maybe but not right next door.

When I was a kid (in ancient times, before the 911 emergency system) we lived in a smallish beach town, our phone number was one number off from the town Police Dept. so we would get frantic calls at all hours of the night. That wasn’t much fun.

Y’all are falling into the mental mode of thinking of the police as Slowly Moving Sharks, Waiting to Attack.

A mental mode I still fall into naturally when a police cruiser appears in my rear view window.

Having been driven in one I realize the view is much different from inside the windshield. Or inside the officer’s head. They are not looking for you, Ms. Twickster Q. Public Citizen. They are looking for bad guys. If no bad guys are around, major league assholes will do (e.g. make a left turn from a straight-ahead lane around a police officer waiting to turn left).

If I lived next to a police station I’d be out there waving. I would make a bunch of friends who were coarse, realistic, and funny, and I’d have a lot of beers I wouldn’t otherwise have. I’d hear a bunch of great stories which I would be smug about, as I’d never be able to repeat them to anybody.

And I wouldn’t get a ticket in fifty years.

I lived in Gangbanger Alley for about a year. The police station was right “in” the apartment complex and it was comforting. Most of the aforementioned gangbanging was kept to a minimum.

What makes you think you would be safer? :confused: :confused: :confused: :smack: :smack: :smack:

There are many, many criminals in the vicinity of a cop shop.

Many are junkies. These people have exceedingly poor judgement.
I have no problem at all with the grasping concept that some of them would stumble out of the station, after being bailed out, and break into the first car/house they saw for rent/carfare/drug money. Why do you?

Many others have serious mental problems. Nuff said.

Many others imagine themselves as too smart to be caught, & would commit a crime right outside the station. Yes, there are people that cocky, especially teenage morons.

Lastly, a good proporation of crooks are just incapable of impulse control.

Mmm, this.

Enhance, please, Spock.

Not the police station … but I once lived right next door to a sheriff’s deputy who kept his big sheriff’s SUV parked in his driveway. Also, my landlord was a city cop who liked to swing by in his patrol car once in a while to make sure the property looked okay. And there were more cops down the street and around the block. It was a sort of law-enforcement ghetto.

I loved living there. They minded their own business, didn’t go around peering into windows to see if people were breaking the law, never gave me a hard time about my lawn or anything. But I felt secure.

I think he’s saying he agrees with you.

I do too.

Police stations have criminals in them, and have families of criminals coming to pick them up.

They have people around who are filing complaints about crap.

Not the kind of people you want parking in front of your house, or even milling about.

We used to have one down the street from us. I also didn’t like them driving through every day because the cops drove fast, drove often, and seemed to care less about traffic laws than the general public.

I like gossip so it might be fun to see who is going in and out. In our town, though, the stations aren’t right near any houses. One is up the road where the apple-picking place is.

I used to work within about 100 feet of one, based on that experience it wouldn’t bother me to live that close to one.

I currently live about two blocks from a police station now. Wouldn’t bother me to live right next door. Except that would mean the fire station would also be my neighbor. That would probably get old pretty quick.

Because of the sirens, of course. Not the firemen.

The majority of “criminals” in a given police station are not going to be wild-eyed junkies who are running amok breaking into cars in front of the police station. I imagine there are a few, but most people are there for other reasons.


The chances of a junkie stumbling out of a police station and breaking into your car are pretty low.

I suppose that depends. Are they sexy policemen?

I live a block away from a fire station. The sound of sirens 24 hours per day drives me crazy.