Would your cat come to your aid and defend you if you were being attacked?

Just curious. Has a cat ever defended it’s owner? Would your cat defend you?

Sigh … attacked… not attached.

Cat 1: Would come to my aid.
Cat 2: Would run and hide.
Cat 3: Would attack me. (It’s otherwise a great cat.)

Heck, one of my cats defends me even if I’m not being attacked.

If by “defend”, you mean acting jealous, growling and hissing at my husband, who insists that the cat is my first husband reincarnated.

Other than that, I don’t think so.

Have you ever had a cat? Hell, have you ever been in the same room as a cat?

A cat wouldn’t stop licking his butt if you were being attacked, let alone come to your aid.

It’s only been about a year since my cat graduated from attacking my feet whenever they came around a corner, so I’ll say no.

AuntiePam does make a good point. A cat may in fact bite or scratch your attacker, but it would do so purely for its own reasons.

My boy is very protective of me, but ElzaHub said it’s because he thinks he should be my husband. When we first started seeing each other, we were in bed watching TV, the boy jumped up in between us, stretched out longways, and then looked at my husband with a “Touch my mom, you ass. I dare you.” glare. He still attacks his ankles after cough marital relations because he apparently thinks I’m being hurt.

So I feel fairly confident he’d try to bite anyone who tried to hurt me. Of course, he’d probably get bored after ten seconds and go scratch the carpet.

My girl, on the other hand, would go running under a bed and shake.


I think if I were actually in the middle of opening a can of catfood, he’d run interference until dinner had been served. Other than that … nah…

Actually being attacked? Not a chance. Adopted cats for the company, not the protection.

They do get territorial when one is occupying a chest/lap and another one comes sniffing around, though.

This is certainly the correct answer.

Cats do as they wish at all times.

One of my cats defends me from affection from the other cat. I don’t think Muffin would care if Peace attacked me, but Heaven forbid that she should sit on my lap and be petted.

Fixed the typo in the title, astro. Though the only thing the long-ago cat in my life protected me from was being attached to the keyboard since it was one of his favorite toys.

The last cat in my house (not my cat, though) wouldn’t have protected its owners. However, if you took it to the attacker’s house, he’d aggressively spray and poop on EVERYTHING.

My wife has a massively evil cat that she’s had since before we knew each other. One day she and I were horsing around and I was tickling her, and she warned me that the cat was liable to think I was attacking her and come attack me in her defense; apparently this had happened with a previous boyfriend.

Suddenly, her fears were confirmed… almost. The cat, seeing what was going on, jumped up on the couch and clawed at my helpless wife’s face, drawing blood.

So no, I don’t think she would help.

(I never used the C-word until I met that goddamned cat. Now I use it daily.)

No. My cat would look to see if there was anything she could gain from the encounter and act accordingly. Could she steal my dinner while I was incapacitated? If not, she’d see who was likely to win the battle and start sucking up.

Cat #1 would run to the closet and hide under old coats. Cat #2 would look up from her nap and think “I wonder if someone filled the food bowl while I was asleep. . .”

In other words, no, of course not. The microwave is more likely to come to life and kill my attackers with radiation.

Neither of my cats would protect us from a human. My older and smaller cat (only 6 pounds, would attempt to defend me and maybe my daughter from an agressive dog. Does that count?

My sister had a large all white tom that fought off cats, dogs and humans. He actually went to my sister’s defense at least once. He weighed about 20 lbs and was such an amazingly mean, intelligent animal that I mistakingly grew up thinking cats were very intelligent. It turns out they are not any brighter than a dog. Josh also known as Pook was incredible. Only my sister could pet him until he was about 17 years old and even then it was only at certain times of the day.
We have more stories about him than any other animal my family ever had.

He would run his little furry ass off in the other direction at the first sign of trouble.

As long as I was loaded photo’s tonight: here’s the Kitties: