Wouldn't it be funny if...

Frank Herbert’s Dune actually wasn’t written by Frank Herbert? :wink:

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Wouldn’t it be funny if…
“The Lord of the Rings.” was about boxers?
The Harry Potter books were about a hairy potter?
The Star Trek books were about a mass migration of Hollywood movie stars?
Star Wars was about the feud between two famous Hollywood stars?
This thread’s OP was even the slightest bit funny?

Point taken.

Wouldn’t it be shocking if…

Frank Herbert’s Dune actually wasn’t written by Frank Herbert? :open_mouth:

As shocks go, that would be of somewhat less than watch-battery intensity.

How’s this for shocking: Cecil Adams is a girl!

Sorry, Cec. Illustrative example only. I’ll go do penance.

Oh, so you knew about it already?
Or would it just not be surprising?

(Dune I mean, not Cecil. Though that would be surprising.)

Well, I look at your screen name and the only thing I can think of is Homer Simpson calling Japan and getting someone who answers the phone with “Hello chief, let’s talk, why not?”

No, seriously.

And take a cue from your sig, Journeyman Wiggin.

…I had any idea what was going on here?

I’m not too sure, but I think the OP is trying to make the point that… Frank Herbert didn’t write Dune?

Am I right?

Exactly. It was written by another man with the same name.

Just as I expected. Damn him! :wink:

No really he was editing it for some other
writer who committed suicide and then he took
it rewrote some of it and sold it as his own
whew The :wally