Wouldn't've (double contraction)?

In another post another poster used the word Wouldn’t’ve. It is a double contraction. I think that is kind of cool. But other than couldn’t’ve I can’t think of another.

Anyone got some legitimate ones?? Made up ones that make no sense don’t count.

I would think “shouldn’t’ve” qualifies. As for being legitimate, when I asked this question awhile ago, the verdict seemed to still be out.

There are tons of 'em. They just are not used very often. Shouldn’t’ve, to continue your string. He’ll’ve. No, I’ve never seen it but I speak it. She’d’ve. Likewise. Hmm, there are several which specifically do appear in print occasionally, as opposed to these which only sound ok. I’ll have to come back after some reflection.

I use y’all’s a lot. Does that count?

They’d’ve looks legit to me, while he’d’ve doesn’t. I guess it’s the length of the pronoun.

Depends. Is it a posessive, as in:
Is that y’all’s still?

Or is it a contraction for you all is, as in:
You mean y’all’s siblings and married to each other?

The best lack all conviction
The worst are full of passionate intensity.

Well, I meant posessive, but it seems to work both ways, huh?

I’d’ve posted earlier but I had to run out and buy some apostrophes.

I could never sleep my way to the top/'cause my alarm clock always wakes me right up.

Um, no JimB. A posessive is not a contraction. Not even it it’s y’all’s.

The best lack all conviction
The worst are full of passionate intensity.

You mean posessive contractions don’t count. It did use up some apostophies, though.

I’dn’t’ve is my favourite contraction, since it’s got four constituent parts. I doubt it’s a legit word, though.

And I’d’ve thought it’d’ve.

But, I guess it’dn’t’ve, huh?

I’m sure I’ve never seen Boris’ I’dn’t’ve in print but, the more I turn it over in my mind, the more I think it is used in everyday speech.

Uness you have an accent or something (What good would it do a Southerner, for example, when it’s going to take them three days to say it anyway…or Garrison Keiller for that matter?) I think we all use double contractions when speak.

Maybe you wouldn’t want to if you were getting pulled over by the cops for a possible DWI or some other sticky situation were your best speach might save your butt.


If you want to see a lot of double contractions used in print, read ‘The Catcher In The Rye’. Houlden Caulfield used them throughout the book. That was where I first came upon them, although I’d’ve thought I was using them for years.

Speakin’ of written versions of spoken contractions, I’da thought ya wouldn’ wanna skip the ones where the 'postrophes get left out, but I dunno.

When asked if such and such a word is a valid double contraction, most grammarians reply, 'Tisn’t.


Hey wow! Markxxx was talking about me!!

Okay, that’s all I have to say. Bye. :slight_smile:

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