wow anyone read the something positive webcomic ?

ive heard about this strip via the questionable content site/forum so I decided to check it out and found "jesus fools day " and was like… wow

I think I found a new a new favorite webcomic

is it always no holds barred like that ?

Note that the comic might change by the time this is posted so you might have to click previous to see the one I looked at

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I’ve read S*P for years. Randy is awesome!

S*P has actually toned down over the years, since the characters age in something resembling real time, and actually mature noticeably as a result.

While Davan can still be a jackass, I can’t imagine him sending a pregnant woman a coathanger, nowadays, no matter how much he disliked her.

Yep, it has mellowed over the years.

I’m up to 2003 in the archives and I can imagine the hate mail he used get…

wow I’m caught up and todays was the best in about 3 weeks or so … note you have to go back a week or two to get the whole storyr tho …

I’m still hoping for an arc that [del]suggests[/del] reveals that the labwork on the test to determine Rory’s paternity got screwed up, and it really IS Davan…