Wow drew carey has went all in on the full grandpa look

I don’t think I’d recognize him from a still. His eyes when moving and voice give it away, though. I’m getting a Letterman/Kelsey Grammer-but shorter vibe.

This is weird but one of my favorite bits from his show was the tunesmith part. Oswald gets Kate into their band and she’s terrible. Anyway, the top hit on google for [drew carey tunesmith] is a thread right here on SDMB from May, 2004:

Kate: Well tune 'em up!
Oswald: We can’t.
Louis: We’re out of…
Drew: Tuning wax.
Oswald: So we have to go to a…
Drew: Tunesmith.

It’s brought up again in 2010:

I don’t watch The Price is Right much any more, but I’m glad it’s on. If you have SiriusXM Drew Carey also does a good Friday Night Freak-out show on the Underground channel. It’s a cool mix of rock, punk, new wave, soul, funk, and whatever else he can think of.

Yeah, just popped in here to defend the grandpa look. In my mind, I’m rockin’ it, and I think it’s a big part of “growing old gracefully”.

Now I just need some grandkids to justify how I look (glad my kids aren’t reading this… who needs more pressure in their lives?).

I think it was a Covid beard. The show went on hiatus during the pandemic, and he had the beard when he came back.

I award one kudo to you

^^Yeah, that. ISTR him pretty much stating outright that it’s a COVID beard upon returning from hiatus.

I always assumed the flattop and hornrims look was his preference.

FTR: He was a Marine Corps Reservist, and I don’t think he was ever activated. Not that it matters, just correcting the record.

Is this pedantry about the literal words used in posts and titles (the above, and Trolls R Us Resurrections - #288 by Enjoy_Slurm) a new thing, or have I just not needed to pay attention to you before now?

Carey is one of those lucky few who was very, very overweight at sort of his peak pop culture fame in the 90s (although among some circles hosting the Price of Right is bigger than Network Sitcom stardom), got the weight off, and has kept himself at a healthy weight for at least ten years. Whenever I happen to see Price on TV I always find it jarring to see him at a healthy weight, even after all these years.

…he was never that overweight. Like… for real…

Look at this fatty!

His BMI is ~37 there, so just shy of being dangerously overweight.

Well, he’s no Mimi!

I’m surprised Mimi can even move she’s so horrifically dangerously criminally overweight. :unamused:

On a clip from Between Two Ferns, Zack Galifianakis refers to Letterman as “Crystal meth Santa Claus”

Just wanted to post in a late “Wow have they changed” entry for Glen Beck.

Aren’t anal sphincters NSFW?

I saw Danny Glover in an ad for a Medicare Advantage plan.

Now he really looks like he’s gettin’ too old for this shit.

I hope I look that good at 75.

Glen Beck has went all in on the Colonel Sanders look, hasn’t he?