Wow drew carey has went all in on the full grandpa look

I knew he changed his look a bit from the “human cartoon” look since his show ended (what a decade or more now?) and he started the price is right… but in this clip from the TPIR anniversary show the other day where they remember Vanna white actually being a constant 2 years before she got the wheel job if you didn’t watch his stand up or tv show you’d never know it was him until he spoke …

Drew Carey? I dropped in here to share that he is a US Marine. He served from 1981-1997. He served with the 25th Marines, which means that when I was in the 14th Marine Artillery Regiment, I would have supplied artillery support for him. I served 1980-1993.

Semper Fi, Drew Carey.

Carey was out of the Marines long before that. By 1997 he was several seasons into his own TV show.

He has different glasses and a white beard. Other than that, he looks the same.

Talk about the grandpa look. David Letterman looks like the Santa Clause took effect on him.

I think it was just a typo. He served from 1981-1987.

Yeah, but the white beard with his hair dyed definitely gives me grandpa vibes, though they were stronger when his beard was longer (in pics I found on Google Image Search). I liked the lighter-haired beardless look better, myself.

That said, the beard does make his face look wider, closer to how he looked on his TV show, and his hair seems to be back to the same color.

Carey was on Colbert last week and he explained how he got stuck with the Marines look for so long and why he’s letting loose now. Basically he got notoriety right out of the Marines or right before he got out, and his military haircut and military issued glasses were “a hit”. He had told himself while he was IN the Marines that he would let his hair and beard grow out as soon as he got out but suddenly he couldn’t. Finally after a few decades in show business he doesn’t care anymore and he’s letting it grow out.

How Drew Carey Got Stuck For Decades With A Marines-Style Hair Cut - YouTube

I think it’s sad how famous people aren’t allowed to age. And then they are disparaged for getting surgery. Can’t win for losing.

Oops, a typo. I meant to write 1981-1987.

Thanks for the catch.

I don’t think I’ve seen a picture of Drew Carey for 10-15 years. He looks exactly as I expected, maybe even better than expected.

That Roger Kaputnik look really served him well for his show, brandishing that 1950s Office Worker look, only short a pipe and sock-garters.

“Has went”? Really?

Yes that is what the title says. (Just to confirm for anyone who might have poor eyesight.)

He did lose a lot of weight, so we’re seeing the Lighter Side of Drew Carey.


Yeah, is this “going all in” on a look, or is this just normal aging and not fighting it? I mean, he probably is a grandpa, or if not, he’s of the right age to be.

I always marvel at that…it didn’t seem to bring out a dark side or anything. He must be one of those guys that’s always been nutty and always will be.

I saw Letterman on something and he was like, “I’m surprised they let me out in public,” kinda reveling in his old crochety persona. We give older folks latitude, and I’d LOVE to see him unleashed, unfettered…that could be comedy gold, baby!

I’m not sure what a “grandpa look” even is besides just “old”, but he looks great for someone who’s 63 years old and has a history of heart disease (he had an angioplasty in 2001).

Is he selling diabeetus medicine yet?

Huh. I completely did not recognize him. When I saw the opening of the clip, the sound was off, so I just assumed that was the announcer in the beginning, not Drew. He also looks a hella lot skinnier than I remember him, but my memories of Drew are pretty glued to the late 90s/early 00s. Whatever his current age, I hope to look that good when I’m that old.