Drew Carey...Come on down! You're the next host of The Price is Right!


I think this is an excellent choice. He has a dry humor, and he’s a personable host, with game show experience. Plus, he has an “old school” 1950’s way about him. I could totally see him even holding the long skinny mic. How could you go wrong?

I dunno…would his co-stars from Who’s Line is it Anyway follow him there, and will they still be making the same damn stupid gay jokes?

(Disclaimer: Not anti gay, just anti damn stupid gay jokes. It wasn’t all that funny the first time, definitely not funny the fiftieth. Give me the British version any day.)

Well, Drew is a much better choice than the toxic Rosie. The main question is how will he appeal the the blue hairs who probably keep TPIR in the ratings.

See I think it’s the college kids that keep TPIR in the ratings as much as anyone, and I think Drew will appeal to them-- goes a little dirty at times-- but he’ll also appeal to the blue-hairs in that he looks straight out of 1955. Plus, the ol’ biddies will know and like him from “Who’s Line.”

Isn’t Carey hosting another game show?

why dont they just cancel the show? I was surprised they kept going after rod roddy died.

Because it’s still a money-maker. It’s been at or near the top of the daytime ratings for decades.

I think Drew Carey could do a nice job. I’d like to see him in action, however it’ll be a dangerous thing to not try and copy The Bob.

Good choice! I think Drew will do a great job. Maybe they’ll rename it What Price Is It Anyway?

the big thing I’m wondering is if Drew is going to start creating some new games. Many of the games on the show were thought up by Bob.

And can they FINALLY retire Plinko? It’s a fun game in small doses, but it’s also by far the most played game, and nobody has EVER won it.

The game show where all the items are made up and the prices don’t matter.

I’m surprised that they went with a name I recognized. Yeah, it’s near the top… For Daytime. I would have thought Carey or O’Donnell would have asked for two much money for such a small pond.

I think he will be good. I actually never liked the Drew Carey show, but did like Whose Line.

Plinko was my favorite game on there when I was a kid. :slight_smile:

I could never stand his sitcom, but I did like his obvious enthusiasm in hosting Who’s Line. He also interacted well with audience members. A good choice. I do, however, wish they’d groom some new, authentic game-show hosts once in a while, instead of using a celebrity.

You fucking heathen. Never say anything like that again. Flagellate yourself and stare at the Showcase items for one week.

How can you say nobody’s won at “Plinko?” You have to be really inept to not win some money.

Nothing to add but I love Drew Carey. I remember watching his show when I was at the lake with my dad, and we picked up two channels in the boat, one of them showed Drew Carey a lot. I thought it was the greatest show ever.

Brendon Small

He means “win” as in “win the maximum amount of money possible.” Thus why some people hate Plinko: they SAY you can win up to $50K (I think it is these days), but the odds of you doing so are sky-high. Sort of like the lottery (which sometimes uses games like Plinko, oddly enough).

It’s an inspired choice. He’s different enough from Barker to prevent a lot of direct comparison, but he does share a lot of Bob’s characteristics–charming, looks like he’s from a different era, a little bit sleazy but not in an offensive way.

As long as Drew doesn’t try to be Bob Barker and doesn’t try to be his sitcom character, it’ll be great.

I wonder if they’ll give the show a new look. It’s probably time.

Hmm. Who are today’s Bob Barkers and Wink Martendales and Bill Cullens and Bob Eubankses?