WoW freakout

My favorite- Onyxia Wipe.

You don’t need to be a WoW player or even a gamer to laugh your ass off. I want a couple of the screen on t-shirts.

What in the world does a teenager having a temper tantrum combined with an epileptic seizure have to do with World of Warcraft, and why is it supposed to be funny?

The idea that someone could be so emotionally invested in a game as to freak out that badly is supposed to be hilarious. I’ve heard the freakout was staged, though.

I don’t know why this is making the rounds, myself. Net dwellers will latch onto the oddest things to make into memes.

It’s just funny to watch people freak out like that. Everything of this nature is always claimed by someone to be staged. If it’s staged then the kids are not bad actors. Squirrel Boy shows his acting chops in the second one. :wink:

I’d say it’s funny because he freaked out so bad about a video game that he tried to jam a wii remote up his ass.

I’m not sure it was a Wii remote. Either way, it’s a remote, and either way, he tried to jam it up his ass.

Yeah that’s a big part of it.

My favorite part is in teh second video is when his brother says, “3 million people want to know why you shoved a remote up your ass.”

Also what was impressive was that in his freakout under the blanket he suddenly appeared undressed.

Which, disappointingly, is what suggests to me it’s an act.

Up until that point it looked real; it broke down starting there.

You can tell it is fake in the first 10 seconds. The brother comes in RIGHT then?

Plus what’s the kid doing saying “is this what you want” and hitting himself with a shoe if he doesn’t know anyone can see him.

Now, why would these two kids fake that, that’s another question.

There’s another video of the spaz getting a beater truck for his 16th birthday and flipping out on it. If it (he) is fake, then he’s been setting a precedent and his parents and family are in on it as well.

When you’re in high school, getting 6 million hits on a youtube video is pretty badass.

For me it broke down when he just happened to take off his clothes only after he threw a blanket over his head.

I’m pretty sure those are staged.

What, the carefully aiming the webcam at the beginning, and then carefully staying within the field of view, wasn’t proof enough that it was staged?

He knows his brother is in the course of a freakout so he places a camera and turns it on. What’s so unbelievable about that? You think it’s impossible to sneak into the room while he’s arguing with his Mom?

He wasn’t always in the frame, and pointing it at the door isn’t that hard.

I am not saying it’s not fake but all the reasons given for believing it’s fake are silly.

Sure, some things you could believe. His staying in shot most of the time is largely a function of the fact that there isn’t really anywhere else in the room to go, except the closet, which in fact he goes in to.

Taking his clothes off? Sure. Common freakout behaviour.

But sticking a TV remote against his sphincter? Uh, no. And it seems to take on a different, faker flavour immediately afterward. I think he had the first half of his freakout planned, not to much the second.

I find it odd that the brother parks the camera on a shelf, leaves the room, and then after the freakout comes back in asking “Did your fucking see that?!” as though he had seen it all.