Wow, I can feel puppies move!

So I do dog rescue. One of the things about do rescue is your neighbours usually know about it.

So last week I came home from work one day and found this tied to my door. (sometimes that link doesn’t work, I don’t know why)

I took her to the vet, had her shots done, and my vet is a good guy, but you go in, he makes sure there is nothing obviously wrong with the dog, like a leg is falling off, and you are on your way. She got an appointment to be spayed next month (vet doesn’t like to give shots and spay too close together).

That’s all okay, but I am looking at her today, and thinking dog, you are awfully fat. And I am looking at her belly, and thinking dog, your belly is huge. So a thought occurs to me, and I rub her belly. And oh my goodness, I can feel little puppies moving around in there.

I have never had a preggers dog in rescue, I mean, I have seen pregnant dogs when I worked at the shelter, but this is different.

I talked to a woman involved with one of the large husky rescues in the Country, and they recommended I should have her spayed and aborted. Well PSHAW on that, I felt the puppies move.

For some reason, I could see the link only by getting it to open in the same window. I did that by right-clicking on the link, selecting “Copy Shortcut,” then clicking in the address bar, pasting the shortcut using Ctrl-V, then hitting Enter. (I have Internet Explorer on a Windows computer.) I don’t know whether there’s some easier solution, but it worked for me.

Anyway, she is beautiful and so sweet-looking! And I agree with you about the puppies. She looks as if she would be such a good mother. Have you named her? Can you keep her?

Works pretty much the same in Netscape, copy, paste, enter.

And she does look like a sweetie! PSHAW indeed! Way to go, Magayuk.

oh, she’s beautiful. Hope you are able to find good homes for the puppies :slight_smile: