As I’ve mentioned, I work for my dad’s tax business. This just happened and honestly is the most hilarious excuse I’ve ever heard (I’ve heard great ones like, “I didn’t know we have to pay taxes.”). I thought I’d share this for your enjoyment…

Seeing as it is April 15th, we are being bombarded with last minute calls for extensions. I’m angry because people are dumb, but that’s irrelevent. So I answer the phone and the guy was asking to schedule an appointment, I ask what his tax problems are and he says:

“We were audited in 2000 for a previous year. Our accountant said he had everything handled and not to worry. Come 2001, nothing was resolved yet. Well, Sept 11 happened and he told us not to worry about the audit anymore because the IRS lost our records in the WTC-”

" :confused: …No. He seriously said that?"


“…And you believed him…?”

“Well of course.”

So, apparently the IRS kept the ONLY copy of everyone’s records at the WTC. It’s a shame, really.

That would explain why I didn’t get a refund for 2001… :rolleyes:

It’s true FairyChatMom. You should sue Osama bin Laden for your refund.

So if I don’t file my taxes on time this year, does that mean that the terrorists have already won?

Yes, and they kept the only copy of my birth certificate there, too.

So I am 29 years old, and nobody will ever know otherwise. :stuck_out_tongue: