Wow. I'm an idiot.

I’ve walked around looking for my sunglasses before…while wearing them.

I’m missing the apology or mention of a giant tip. If so then"ha ha." No mention of same, you’re an ass.

Well, blind people can be annoying morons, too! :smiley:
I have never done what the OP did. Nope. Definitely not!

Lighten up, Francis.

Well I don’t think a giant tip is required but a quick conversation with the desk clerk about half your brain being missing the day before and a sincere apology to be passed on to those affected wouldn’t hurt.

Also, keep an eye on Not Always Right for a few weeks and see if you recognize anyone :slight_smile:

And if you’re not going to apologize this is the only other action that’s acceptable :cool:

That’s brilliant, Frank! :smiley:

In your defense, I have actually been very frustrated by the increasing dimness of hotel rooms. I’ve turned on every lamp in the room and still felt like I was ina cave reading by firelight. Sheesh!

My favorite part is the “bitterly complaining”. I HATE when I am righteously indignant, and later find out I was wrong.

I was a bit harsh. Sorry. Frank has never given me the impression he is socially inept. I’m sure he at least told the hotel of his mistake. But I think a quick apology explanation or tip is appropriate. Sorry Frank.

But the future’s so bright, and all.


That got a good hearty guffaw outta me. Be sure and post again about the time you lose your glasses on top of your head!

Is this a poll? I was going to vote “yes”.

+1 :smiley:


I probably wouldn’t have pointed it out either. I would figure that the likely response would have been “do you think I’m some kind of IDIOT?!” or screaming about discrimination. Reasonable people, in my experience, don’t complain “bitterly” about things without ample opportunity for a company to fix their complaint.

Plus, even reasonable people tend to lose their shit when they present a problem to a customer service person and have it turned back on them, even in the most polite and minor way. It puts people on the defensive. After awhile in a customer-facing position, you learn to avoid it if you don’t like inciting confrontation. “Sorry for the inconvenience” sounds better than “sorry you screwed up”.

Dad, is that you? When did you join the Dope?

Heh, my dad does that all the time. He once drove 40 km huffing and puffing, back to a restaurant where he had left his sunglasses. While wearing his sunglasses.

Frank, now you must do this. Or insist somebody came while you were out and changed all the lightbulbs in the room for much brighter ones.

Pssst. Take off your sunglasses.

Hotel rooms these days (hell, all days – as long as I can remember) mostly require turning on every light in the room to be able to read, even without sunglasses on. I don’t think it was unreasonable for me to assume that this one had gone to extremes.

Especially since all they had to do was tell me I was wearing my sunglasses. I’d have taken them off, looked at them, and said, “Wow. I’m an idiot.” Then gone to my car and swapped. I’d have still had to turn on every light, as I discovered when I read the paper in the morning, but I wouldn’t have needed an extra lamp.

For which I did give a Thank You when I checked out, but, no, I didn’t tell them I was an idiot. I figured they already knew.

Yeah, that’s why I do all my research before I call my bank or credit card company to complain about a charge - it’s almost ALWAYS been legitimate.