Wow. I'm an idiot.

I checked into my hotel last night, and was bitterly complaining about how dim the lights were in my room. Telling them it wasn’t bright enough to read, and that they’d gotten too carried away with cutting electrical costs.

So the maintenance guy brought me an extra lamp, with the brightest bulb they had, and that worked well enough. I turned on every light in the room and I could read the paper, and my book. So I go to bed, take off my glasses, and suddenly realize . . .

I was wearing my sunglasses.

The weird part is, nobody said anything. You’d think out of the three people I spoke to, one of them might have said, “Umm, sir, you’re wearing sunglasses. Inside.”

That’s funny. Still, I can’t help thinking that the following two parts might be related.


They thought you were blind and didn’t like picking on someone with vision problems.

But still, why would a blind guy complain about the lights, and why would they bring him an extra lamp?

That’s just freakin’ hilarious! Thnak you so much for having the humility to share it!

I needed a good laugh today. . .

Very funny, and you’ve given those people something to laugh about for many years to come.

Sometimes anonymity on the internet can be a good thing.

Thanks for sharing.

LOL! Look on the bright side (natch!), you became a great story they could tell whilst griping about their jobs to their buddies :slight_smile:

Ha! That’s funny! Hope you’re enjoying your vacay- I know I got a good laugh out of it!

A hilarious idiot.

(I kid. We all do dumb things.)

“Legally blind” isn’t the same thing as “can’t see anything at all” and there are lots of people who have very limited vision, either blurry or dim, who are still considered blind.

My aunt has MS, and goes “blind” when she relapses. She can see light sources, and can tell motion if it’s close and slow enough, but that’s about it.

She has super outdoor-spotlight lamps that she keeps in the house to use when those episodes hit. Otherwise, she’d be reduced to feeling her way along the walls of her own house.
Now, all that said, I FIRMLY believe that those dudes didn’t say anything because they thought the OP was either crazy, or a crackhead.

You have made some people’s lives a lot more amusing - you should be proud of yourself!

Heh, yeah, I figure if they had a post-shift happy hour, I was a subject of discussion.

I might have realized if I’d driven anywhere for dinner. I’d have seen the open glasses case on the passenger seat where I leave it so I don’t forget to change back. Right where it was this morning, as a matter of fact.

Oh well, if that’s the stupidest thing I do this trip, I’ll take it.

I was once shopping for marcasite (iron pyrite) jewelry, which is supposed to sparkle, but can sometimes look very dark and dull if it is not good quality. I complained to the clerk about the dullness of the earrings I was examining, and she took them and polished them up for me. When I went over to the mirror and held them up to my ear, I saw that I was still wearing my sunglasses. I also felt like an idiot and wondered why she hadn’t said anything. I do know people who wear sunglasses because of eye issues, and I can understand how it would be uncomfortable to bring it up, but it still seemed strange to me that she would polish the earrings rather than telling me to try looking at them without my sunglasses. :cool:

Call back tonight. Ask them how your supposed to read your paper and enjoy yourself in here. It’s feels like your looking into the sun…and what’s with the extra lamp, what the hell do you need an extra lamp for, it’s already too bright. No wonder the room rate is so high, they must spend a fortune on electricity.

They thought you was a “superstar.”

Superstars (and cool dudes) always wear sunglasses inside

Now if you were smoking and wore sunglasses inside, that means you’re a villian. Everyone knows evil people smoke AND wear sunglasses inside

What about the Blues Brothers?


I love it.


This is making me laugh way too much. :smiley: