Wow. I'm, like, DONE.

My last day at this job is tomorrow (finally landed a gig in the same general vicinity as SkipMagic).

And right now, after two weeks replete with the frantic tying of loose ends, I’m sitting here with nothing more to do.

Oh, tomorrow I’ll mail out a nice letter to the people from other agencies with whom I’ve worked closely in this position, to say “I’m outta here, nice working with you, the new person’s name is blah blah blah” and a few other sundry things (which should take all of 45 minutes total) before my going-away party starts at 1:00, but Dude.

This is it.

My stuff is packed up, my loose ends are tied.

My work here is done.

It’s weird. :smiley:

Congratulations!!! WOW actually getting to live with your hubby - that’s wonderful!

Happy Happy Happy New Job!

May your last day at this office be madness-free (complete with extra-long lunch!) and you leave happy.

And even if it means no more missing co-worker updates, I’m very happy for you! :slight_smile:

Yay for you! I loved that feeling, my last day at my last job in CA before I moved to Denver to live at least in the same STATE as my SO.

YAY! happy dance for Auntie Em

hooray!!! You and Skip have a wonderful time celebrating. :wink: I’m glad the two of you finally get to be in the same place at the same time.

You know, it would have been a lot cooler if instead of giving notice, you just disappeared. But congratulations anyway :slight_smile:

In my neighborhood, trash day is marked by the spilled and rummaged trash cans of those who don’t believe in lids and do believe in putting their trash cans out the night before so stray dogs can overturn them and search for snacks.

Ya’d think they’d learn…

OK my last post was in the wrong place at the wrong time. Too many open windows, doggonit! :o

Good luck to you, auntie em and enjoy cohabitating. I’ve still got 8 long, stinkin’ months to go, so excuse me if I envy you a bit!

Luck and Joy in your new career Auntie Em.

If you think hard enough, it becomes oddly appropriate, in a surreal kind of way. You just have to see the deeper meaning to it.

I found it quite enlightening, myself. Very poetic. Although I didn’t know whether to be flattered or go scratch myself. :wink:

And FTR, my last day was yesterday. My coworkers threw a 4-hour open house for people to come by and say “Sayonara!” to me.

I was half-expecting MC to walk in wearing a blonde wig and sunglasses. :smiley:

Thanks for the happy wishes, everyone. :slight_smile:

Congratulations auntie em! Though I have to admit a sense of loss here. Any chance Turned Up Formerly Missing Coworker will keep in touch? Send you an afghan? A stuffed bunny? A Christmas card?

Just asking is all. :smiley:

'Grats on finishing up one phase auntie em - On the the next!

Good luck with it all.

So are you finding enough room for yourself amongst the Care Bears?

Wouldn’t it be great if MC was working at the same place your new job is?

Woot, em. I got one of those “I’m outta here” letters on Friday, and I was so envious. Good luck with the new thing.

Yes. But unlike the single Care Bear, auntie em has to pay rent.

Explain this “pay rent” concept …

That’s “Contribute to the family abode fund”, Skippy; not “pay rent”. This is your first marriage, ain’t it.

Explain this “pay rent” concept …

Yes. Am I showing too much green? :wink:

It’s difficult to explain, but it leaves me with a smile at the end of every month. Or nightly. Whichever. :cool: