Wow, Joe Biden can really speak

Better than Obama, possibly, IMO. I saw him on C-SPAN last night delivering a speech in Scranton, PA. The man came off as very natural, and very passionate. He threw in a “hell” which I just love to hear from politicians for some reason. I thought GWB would be a damn and hell president, but I don’t recall ever hearing him say those words.

Biden got red in the face at the end and started shouting but somehow managed to not seem crazy. That’s a very tough one to pull off.

Some people are scared of great speakers and I can kind of understand why. I loved the content of his speech, but I might have loved it just as much if he were talking about q-tip packaging.

Both Biden and Obama are very effective speakers. Biden was picked, in part, because he can be passionate about these things. Obama is much more meticulous.

Joe Biden is quite a good speaker, especially when Joe Biden really cares about the topic. Flodnak just wishes Joe Biden would cool it a bit on referring to Joe Bidenself in the third person :stuck_out_tongue:

For just this reason, I’d like to see him debate Bob Dole.

“Joe Biden doesn’t like how Bob Dole treats the lower tax bracket!”

“Yeah, well Bob Dole doesn’t like how Joe Biden treats the small business owners!”

“Bob Dole SMASH!! RAAARGHH!!!”

I can’t decide if that’s extra funny because it’s impossible to tell for certain which one of them is speaking in that exchange.