Wow, look what happend to Eric Heiden!

In this post I mentioned that at one point I had thighs like Eric Heiden in his prime. Some of thepicturesI linked to there showed him middle aged, in a white coat with a Stethoscope draped over his neck.

So did he become on actor on some cable Medi-drama, or is he hawking snake oil now?

Nope. After his skating, and brief professional bicycling careers, he apparently went to med school, and is now an Orthopedic Surgeon. NICE!
Probably old news to most, but I somehow missed this memo.

*A decade ago I asked about Eric Heiden’s absence during the 2002 torch relay. Although the linked article is long gone, it did go into his life as a doctor (as well as explaining his “Thanks, but no thanks”) with regard to participating.
*Criminy! Has it been that long!

I had no idea. I wonder if he even skates for fun.

Everything I know about Eric Heiden and his sister Beth I learned in a Dynamite Magazine. I’m glad he seems to be handling being a “former Olympian” well. I guess when you’ve been in sports at that level orthopedics is the specialty you’d be the most familiar with.

Debbie Thomas the ice skater is also an orthopedist.

He’s worked on some injured military here in Utah as some of the muscle injuries from getting blown up, etc are similar to those incurred in sports. From what I hear from an EOD tech of ours who went to him for his knees the man is a talented surgeon.
And his wife’s a ginger.