Wow! New chairs?

I know this is a stupid question, but what would chairs look like if our knees were on the back of our legs? My english class has been debating this for the last three weeks.

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Well, if your knees were on the backs of your legs, then they would bend up. This would mean that the most comfortable/efficient way to sit would be in a regular chair, with your feet on an ottoman the same height as the chair. Of course, it would be impossible to sit down or stand up.
Yes, Alex, that is a stupid question.


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They’d look like pillows.

I realize I’m stretching the anatomical analogy a little (but this is an English class)… consider your typical dog’s hind legs. What the layman would consider a “knee” is really his “ankle”, but if you rotated the human knee backwards, we’d essentially have malportioned dog-legs.

All the dogs I’ve ever seen can sit, just not ON anything.

Congratulations on finding a thread that is appropriate for MPSIMS.

Reminds me of sitting around in college debating what cars would look like if cows were the dominant life form (yeah, yeah, why would they need’em; they’re pretty much content to stay put).


I just checked your profile and realize that you are probably in high school. Sorry, I didn’t mean to prematurely reveal any of the big secrets of college life.


I say we treat it as a serious question. Design a chair that would be approx. the same heighth, have proper back support, yet support legs that bent the other way.

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I’m assuming you mean like bird legs, and not legs where if I sat down with my legs in front of me, I could bend my knees and lick my toes.

I would expect that a chair would be nothing more than a padded bench you’d sit on lengthwise so your legs straddle it. It’d be fairly easy to get on and off of, comfortable, and not interfere with your legs.

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I believe that she DID mean that the legs would bend forwards instead of back. And a pad or pillow alone wouldn’t give the back support needed for prolonged sitting.