Wow... New Zealand is great!

Wevetlady and I got back recently from a trip to New Zealand, and I thought I should share some highlights.
The best part of the trip was Doubtful Sound - where we went kayaking. It rained on and off, so we saw a half-dozen rainbows and the waterfalls were going like crazy. We were fortunate enough to surprise one of the Fjordland Crested Penguins (only about 3000-4000 exist) and we were visited by a pod of bottlenose dolphins. It was the best day there.
Kaikoura was amazing - we saw a lot of sperm whales and albatross, and had one of only a few sunny days when we walked around the peninsula there. We had some of the best seafood there fresh from the ocean. We also were quite entertained by a local who told us about an alien base being built in his town. He also believed people have never landed on the Moon.
We also did the Milford Trek, three days in Fiordland National Park - which looks surprisingly like Yosemite and the Sierras (but with a lot fewer people.) It was a little trying since it rained every day, but the views and the bird life were worth every moment.
Another great time was visiting Stewart Island and the southeastern coast - we saw a petrified forest, more penguins (Yellow-eyed this time,) and had some amazing lamb (it seems like half the country is covered in sheep.) The ferryboat captain on the way back from Stewart Island let his two-year old drive the boat, and he got on the PA system with “wra ahr ahr daddie dr dar arr.”
If you’re into wildlife or natural places at all, I hope you get the chance to visit New Zealand! Wevetlady has suggested she might want to live abroad in NZ for a while. I’ll have to think about that one.

I should see if I can’t put some pictures up on Flckr or something.

Glad you had such a great time in NZ! The scenery is fantastic and it’s a great place for a holiday.

Having said all that, NZ is a lot nicer to visit than it is to live there, though.

It is.

New Zealand
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people as opposed to the Aussies, perhaps an isolated incident, but found the New Zealand crowd genuinely gracious.
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Long ago and far away when once I flew for the tax. New Zealand,Thailand, Maui and Hong Kong were equally enjoyable…all for different reasons. Take the opportunity in your youth and travel if you can. Its time spent with no regrets for me…

Glad you liked it, you must have been in the pouring rain while the Hawke’s Bay (where I live) was sweltering in the drought. Sorry about that (hah! - has another gin, eyes the pool contemplatively, dives in and forgets wet-wevets).