WoW NPCs that you can't stand

I know lots of people here play World of Warcraft, so to those of you that do, what NPCs annoy the hell out of you? It can be for any reason under the sun. Maybe she’s a hopeless damsel you have to keep rescuing. Maybe he keeps misplacing his sword and you have to find it for him. Maybe she keeps sending you into dangerous dungeons to find lost jewelry. Maybe you just don’t like his hat.

My picks, both location issues.

Tabetha: Lord I hate doing quests for her (there’s several for mages, and at least one non-mage quest that I finished today). She’s nice, they’re interesting quests and she gives decent rewards. But she lives in the middle of Dustwallow Marsh! It’s a pain to get there, especially before you have your mount–she’s almost as far from Theremore as you can get in the zone. She’s not on, or even near, the road either. No, you have to dodge crocolisks and slimes while trying to remember just where her hut is. I finally put a map note on her hut today (yay for UI mods!) but before that it was easy to get way lost looking for her.

Annora: Alright, why the hell is this girl in the middle of a trogg infested excavation site? She’s the artisan enchanter trainer, and it’s pretty much impossible to get there without a group to help you. Why is she in such an inconvenient place? The artisan tailoring trainer is in Theremore, not hard to get there at all. And you don’t have to find four friends to help you find him either.

Fandral Staghelm, the Arch Druid in Darnassus. The man is a total ass. He’s condescending and irritable even to his own species! If I were playing a NE and the Horde somehow managed to raid Darnassus, I’d help them kill him. Seriously.

Every gnome involved in the damn Samophlange series of quests in the Barrens. Every. Single. One. “Get me the Samophlange. Oops, I broke it! Take it to her.” “I need bolts. Go raid the dangerous Sludge Fen and get me a couple buckets of bolts that I could easily get out of that chest over there. Oh, I can’t get this to work. Take it to this guy in Orgrimmar.” “I need the instruction manual. Go raid a mine full of goblins, gnolls, ogres and humans so you can grab all the pages and a set of cardboard covers.” Hate. Them.

I don’t like ANY of the Forsaken Apothecaries. I think every one of them has a “go poison this person” quest…

I Hate Morlocks!!!


Somewhere in Azeroth, there’s a booth, “Mace the Murloc”. There’s one of those “take-a-number” things, the next number left on the reel is 2,000,001 and they’re “now serving #52”.

In other words, you got a REALLY long line to stand in for that one…

The goblins from the Horde version of that quest aren’t any better. Tie the lot of them into a big bundle and feed them into a woodchipper, sez I.

Gah! It’s goblins, not gnomes…I seem to have switched them around. I dont’ think there IS an Alliance version of the Samophlange chain.

The Samophlange quests (and indeed all of the Goblin faction quests) are the same for Alliance and Horde.

Goblin faction is, of course, quests in Ratchet, Booty Bay, Gadgetzan, and Everlook.

Any of the ‘go to some obscure corner of Azeroth I wouldn’t be bothered to explore’ to talk to some other NPC who is going to send you elsewhere.

You’re right, of course. I always view the Barrens as Horde territory and forget that Alliance actually does have quests they can do there…

The guy who lives in the caretaker’s hut behind the cemetery in Darkshire. For starters, he’s really talky for a hermit. And he’s got ten million errands he wants you to run for him all over the world. After about the eighth quest, I just said, “do it yourself.” (And since “Do it yourself” isn’t an option, I clicked “accept” and finished the quest like he told me to.)

I also hate the morlocks. They’re so annoying that it’s not even fun to kill them; you just want them to go away. Just like teen pop singers.

Yeah, I agree. So, we killed him the other day!!!

I used to play NE hunter on Thunderlord, now I play a 60 Shammy on Dragonmaw. Woot, I’m a dork. WoW is my vice.

Okay, just to clear things up:

Murloc: fish guys from WoW.
Morlock: subterranean cannibals from HG Wells’ The Time Machine.
Troggs: WoW version of Wells’ Morlocks.

So when y’all talk about hating morlocks, you mean the fish guys, right? Because at first I thought you were talking about troggs and being clever.

Incidentally, I find murlocs to be one of the most killable races in the entire game. I get a rare satisfaction out of cutting one of those gurgly bastards down. I can (and have!) done it for hours at a stretch.

Anyway, my most hated NPC is any NPC who gives you an instance quest… right after you just cleared out that instance. Effin’ bastard, you couldn’t have asked me to look for the stone table before I spent four hours fighting every damned thing in Zul’Farrak? You think I’m going to do it again for your candy-ass quest? Well… I am. But I’m not going to be happy about it!

We’re all Loot’s bitches…