Wow, Wal-Mart Gets an A+...Sorta

I had a problem with my Sims 2. My husband bought me the Family Fun Stuff Pack and it managed to kill all my games and back up file. How it did this on discs that weren’t even being used at the time who knows. Anyway. I talked to EA games who would do nothing for me without a receipt. My husband has no idea where said receipt is so I try another route. He bought the pack at Wal-Mart, so I call them up and get the garden center. I politely ask for electronics, but the kid has no idea how to transfer a call. I wait very patiently until the complex system Mr. Bell only dreamed of was being mastered by a sixteen year old. Ahem, “Electronics this is Ramona.” I tell nice Ramona my story, (BTW it is six-thirty in the morning while this is going on.) She tells me the same copy-write, I can’t help you without a receipt story. I whine, she gives a little, I whine some more. She folds, “Bring it in and let me look at it,” says she. I do and get my money returned, granted on a Wal-Mart shopping card.
All in all I feel the day was won.

FYI: There have been known problems with the new Family Fun Pack. I think a lot of people who’ve bought it have had the same problems as you, from what I’ve read on the Sims 2 BBS. I think I’ll wait to buy it until it’s fixed. I’m surprised the EA people didn’t tell you that. It was nice of Wal-Mart to exchange it for you though.

Er, what I meant to say was that it was nice of them to give you your money back. I wonder if they make patches for brains?

[slight hijack] I give Wal-Mart credit, too, for being closed on Easter. Wal-Mart is a giant corporation, and I fully expected their stores to be open, but apparently, they felt it was important to let employees celebrate the holiday.

Kudos. [/slight hijack]

Agree on the Easter thing Marge…

And no EA said NOTHING about any problems. THey aren’t getting any business from me again for awhile. (at least until I break down and buy Night Life)

Meh! I went there to get something on Easter. The bastards let me down!!