WOW! What if? Strange space energy the remains of an Alien War?

Gregg Easterbrook is a Brookings Fellow, senior editor of the New Republic, a possible anti-Semite and one of the biggest press critics of NASA’s visions. I think it is not controversial to say he is “one of” intellectuals who, through the press, provide discussion and criticism. If NASA were a huge, hot issue he would be one of the fact-check go to guys on TV.

He also writes a column for ESPN, during the (NFL) football season. Recently he and his readers talked about a weird sources of energy that he speculated in kind of a fun way could be the remains of an Alien war.

Another Voorwerp Found? TMQ has noted the creepy possibility that gamma-ray bursts, powerful energy spikes from deep space, are the muzzle flashes of awful weapons used in distant combat. Reader Chris Crooks of South Reading, Va., notes a creepy astronomy finding by Kyle Barbary of the University of California at Berkeley: SCP 06F6, a region where very powerful deep-space energy discharges appeared seemingly from nowhere, existed for about 100 days, then vanished. The strange energy glow lasted much longer than a gamma-ray burst, but lacked the technical characteristics of supernova explosions: “The transient’s spectrum, in addition to being inconsistent with all known supernova types, is not matched to any spectrum in the Sloan Digital Sky Survey,” which so far has mapped roughly one-quarter of the heavens. Cosmologists are now trying to puzzle out what SCP 06F6 might be, and assuming, of course, that it is natural. What if instead this is a glimpse of a region of ancient, horrific war – ancient because it is billions of light-years away, thus billions of years in the past – in which the combatants employed weapons too terrible to contemplate? Ancient combat that continued about 100 days until the last participant was wiped out, and the region of space fell cold and lifeless.

I thought it was a neat, scary & cool what if by a not-a-nut-on-this-subject.

I was unsure what forum this belonged in. GD: I am certainly not & I know of no one who would/could take a “certainly it is Alien” pro-side. GQ? Maybe. But in the end I think the GQ answer is most qualified people are working toward a natural explanation right now we don’t know and we should follow-up. I personally, enjoyed this as a What If? thought piece and I thought you big brained folks might enjoy this too & so I stuck it here. I apologize if that was a poor forum call

That would be really cool if true.

We don’t know exactly what this energy is or what caused it. But the possibility it’s aliens doing battle can’t be ruled out. Here’s no explanation whatsoever as to why I believe this."

No, he doesn’t seem the least bit nutty. I hope I die during the first attacks; the alien overlords rule will surely be a cruel one.