WRAL-TV shows altered Andy Griffith instead of Cupid?

Yep, I’m from that one CBS market in the country whose affiliate feels that Simon Cowell’s new show “Cupid” would damage society and the instution of marriage. We’re getting reruns of “The Andy Griffith Show” instead.

My question is, these episodes have been altered so that various local employees from the station have been inserted into the actual episodes. Tonight, the traffic reporter had a cameo where he was making notes while Barney and Andy were discussing a traffic incident.

So, do you think special permission is needed to change these episodes from the owner of the copyright, or does this fall under the fair use of broadcasting a program?

I can’t answer your central question. I can say that of all the things they could fill the space with I can’t believe they chose reruns of Andy Griffith. Even more unbelievable is that someone took the time to insert local personalities into a show no one is watching.

I really need to know what market this is so I can avoid moving there.

Since you posted this in Cafe Society, I feel free to say that I’m not surpirsed about WRAL. When I was in Chapel HIll in 1966-1971, Jesse Helms used to come on the nightly local news and give his editorial opinion(he was the news editor of WRAL). He usually mentioned pointy-headed liberals, Democrats, and other assorted cretins. You almost wouldn’t believe some of the broadcasts.

That was a little before my time, but I remember hearing about that. What’s so ironic is that both WRAL (CBS) and WRAZ (FOX) are owned by the same corporation. They have previously pulled “Who Wants to Marry a Multi-Millionaire” and “Temptation Island”.

It seems that anything to do with a reality show conflicting with their definition of marriage is a hot button, but we still get all those trashy soaps, idiotic Fox shows, etc. I’m just waiting for someone to realize that this season’s “Amazing Race” continually refers to a gay couple as being married. (Maybe I should be thankful, as the fact that the station is not pulling it is a silent acceptance that that is ok)

In any event, last week’s reruns didn’t do all that well, but the station claims to be sticking to their guns, as its not about what the public wants, but rather that the station has the freedom to air or not air programs.

It used to not be so bad, as there was an independent station that would always pick up shows that were not aired, but now it is no longer in existence.

To be fair, there was no real good reality show since teh first season of The Osbournes. They probably didn’t expect Cupid to be so good, according to some critics.