Write a new verse for "I Get a Kick Out of You"--or, Where does your mind go on YOUR commute?

Stopping by a drugstore for a caffeine drink between buses this morning, I was treated to The Voice descending from on high (speakers in the ceiling): "I get no kick from Champaaaaaaagne . . . " and found myself infested with a hell of an earworm. Naturally this evolved into an attempt to come up with my own verses:
Some get a kick from Rogaine
I wouldn’t care
If I ran out of hair
I would just wear
A toupee or two
Cuz I get a kick out of you

Some folks can’t kick Mary Jane
They just go broke
Living from smoke to toke
Man it ain’t no joke
You know it’s true
But I get a kick out of you*

So where’s yours? Here’s the rules:

[li]First line includes the word “kick,” and rhymes with “Champagne/a plane/cocaine.”[/li][li]The next three lines rhyme. (There’s an established meter–um, iambic diameter?–but Cole Porter was way better of hewing to that than I am; I’ll just trust to my imaginary Sinatra’s ability to fit the phrasing together somehow.)[/li][li]The next line rhymes with “you.”[/li][li]The last lined ends with “I get a kick out of you.”[/li][/ul]

Have at it.

This is a quick and dirty attempt. Could probably use some refinement. But here goes:
Some get a kick out of pain
Sadists and masochists’s
Eyes glaze with bliss
As the latter’s wrists
Turn black and blue
But I get a kick out of you