Write a one paragraph sequel to the movie(s) of your choice

Possible unboxed spoilers- avoid if you haven’t seen the actual movie.

Sunset BLVD II

Norma’s trial of course becomes a total circus and she comports herself as Joan of Arc from her most famous film role. She’s ruled not guilty by reason of temporary insanity and emerges bigger than ever, even securing a spot as hostess of The Norma Desmond Anthology in which every episode begins with her descending a staircase (ala Loretta Young’s doors). She quits in a huff when she learns that there will be sound in each week’s play. Meanwhile Betty Schaefer writes the screenplay for a movie based on the murder and it becomes a smash starring Mary Pickford, Montgomery Clift and Peter Lorre. When Mary backs out at the last minute due to lack of creative control and Mae West rejects the role as “too old” for her, Norma plays herself. DeMille directs the movie but is played by Max (who marries a starlet with a striking resemblance to the young Norma).
The Godfather III, II

With Michael distraught over his daughter’s death, Connie becomes The Godmother of American organized crime and rules with a viciousness seldom encountered since medieval Byzantium. In Sicily Michael falls in love with Appolonia’s lookalike grandniece, marries her and produces a daughter named, of course, Appolonia. Twenty five years later Appolonia, after several disastrous film appearances (one with Prince) finally becomes famous as the star of the reality series Growing Up Corleone and for an infamous porn-tape made by an ex-boyfriend (who disappears after his meeting with Uncle Vincent). Meanwhile, Connie is undone when she is caught in a love triangle with Sal Tessio’s illegitimate son Morty (played by Abe Vigoda) and a Corleone enforcer Bocky Ralboa (played by Sylvester Stallone). Kermit the Frog has a cameo.

Rainman II

When Charlie Babbitt’s next auto business fails, he hatches a scheme to get his brother Raymond on Jeopardy. The other contestants include Ken Jennings (definitely a Mormon) and Sean Connery.

Bambi II

Bambi and Faline are busy raising their two fawns. Their life goes well until their forest is torn down in favor of a housing development and urban sprawl. Has all the characters from the first movie, with a new addition called Digger the raccoon (he likes to dig in garbage cans). Contains a heart breaking scene where Faline is hit by a car on the interstate. Bambi also ends up kicking to death the same hunter who killed his mother from the first movie.

Army of Darkness II (or Evil Dead 4):

Set ten years after Ash returned to the future. The world’s population has been overrun by Deadites, cities destroyed, billions dead or “taken”. We follow Ash, armed with miniguns, rocket launchers, Humvees, and Apache helicopters as he blows, blasts, murders, razes, violates, and obliterates the real Army of Darkness. A globe-trotting romp through post-apocalyptica!