Writing Everything With Initial Caps

Sorry–just came across this on Amazon.com:


Read the customer review.

Who On Earth Writes Every Word With Caps? I Know I Don’t. Crazy.

If the person composed their statement in a Word Processor, and accidently hit the ‘Title’ function then its theoretically possible that they didn’t notice before they pasted it in. Umm… not like I have any first hand knowledge of doing something like that or anything.

At least with Initial caps there is a Pattern (Misguided thought it May be). What really drive Me nuts are those People Who seem to Capitalize random words for No discernable reason.

I used to think that They were just feeling Teutonic and capitalizing Every noun. Baglady helped me Realize that that’s not always True, they are just Morons.

Oooh, I must confess, sometimes I do capitalize my nouns…only thing from German class I can remember some days! I especially do this with Food Items, don’t know why.

I also put a dash through my Zs and 7s, but y’all are spared that!

Initial Caps are a walk in the park coMpArEd tO rEaDiNg SeNtEnCeS wHeRe EvErY oThEr LeTtEr iS cApItAlIzEd. ThAt DrIvEs Me NuTs!

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[sub] I feel so so dirty right now…[/sub]