Writing to NTFS volume from MacOS X (this is NOT a question thread!)

I just successfully drag-copied a file into the window of an NTFS volume that’s hooked as an external firewire disk to my PowerBook G4. In case that last particle of information didn’t make it obvious, no, I’m not running Windows :slight_smile:

Yes, it’s not merely mounted, it’s mounted and editable.

Here’s the Apple Nova thread. It’s many pages deep and the downloadables and the instructions have changed as improvements were made, so don’t follow the instrux on the early pages.

Here is the page with the downloadable .dmg for MacFuse Core 0.2.2, of which the NTFS 3G driver is a module;

Here is the Apple Nova post with links to the downloadables for NTFS-3G 1.0 and MacFUSE Tools 0.2.2.

Borrowing from several additional posts on this Apple Nova thread (discarding the instructions that were supplanted with later updates, adding additional bits and pieces that were posted later), once you’ve done the install, this is how you deploy it:

I will add at this point that on my machine it did this in Terminal:

However, when I hit it a second time, it was more compliant:

So if you get that far and get the “operation not permitted” thing, try running the same command a second time.

The new NTFS 3G driver is nice, isn’t it? And it took so long to get it, thanks to that moron who worked for novell way back when, who used proprietary information for the first try at it.
Merkey. That’s it. Jeff Merkey.

Crazy guy.