WRT to the Day 8 with no electricity: Renter's rights? thread

Good call, and thank you for being so eloquent. I hadn’t even noticed that the thread was still in GQ. Since you closed it between the time I hit “reply” and typed this, I didn’t want to let it go to waste… :wink:

ETA: For anyone who is wondering which thread this is in reference to, here it is.

I have no idea. Other posters have suggested it might, but it seems that would be something one would check his/her own policy for. If it doesn’t, then I’d assume I was just SOL.

Because he still has to pay the mortgage on the property, whether you pay him or not. IMO, you should do everything in your power to make sure that he doesn’t have to do so unless he’s done something wrong. You, and the law, I have no idea, may agree. This is just my opinion.

Did you? Does your rental agreement, or your state law, say that? That the landlord shall be liable for repairs due to acts of nature? My WAG (again, not a lawyer) is that it might–after a reasonable period of time. ISTM that he’s had less than 24 hours (if your initial “yay power!” post was around the time the power came back) to rectify the situation. Not only that, but…

…you’re probably not the only tenant having issues right now. Even if you were, I’d consider this to still be within reasonable, as far as the time he’s had since the power came back.

I think gigi’s question is valid. What do you expect him to do, aside from walk on water? The furnace company has been contacted, and the landlord has made arrangements for a plumber to be there tomorrow. That sounds pretty expedient on his part.

You even admit that getting a plumber could take weeks. Again, what do you want the landlord to do to solve the problem immediately? Birth a plumber? He’s right–he probably can’t find someone tonight. But is it his fault that there aren’t plumbers on call 24/7? No. Is it yours? No.

But these things happen. And it sucks, but Absolute is spot on, IMO. He’s doing the best he can, it sounds like. You’re doing the best you can. But it really sounds like you’re being intentionally antagonistic. Your landlord is not God, and can’t pull plumbers and electricians and such out of nowhere.

Do you even know that something could have been done to prevent the pipes from freezing? I don’t. I have no idea about that kind of thing, and you said upthread that your knowledge of plumbing and heating is limited. But you’re going to take that knowledge to throw out there that “well, he should have done something, since something can be done!”?

Honestly, I don’t think you understand a good thing when you’ve got it. Your landlord sounds like he’s been on top of things as much as he could be, and rather quick about it, too. I’ve known people who’ve waited on maintenance in units for weeks before their landlords would have a look – probably because a lot of them can wait up until the last possible legally acceptable second before fixing a problem.

On the other hand, you’re crying foul, and “it’s his job to provide me with an acceptable unit” … despite acts of God, and the ensuing clean up job. Again, I’m no lawyer, and I’m no judge, but you’re not doing much on the sympathy vote, it seems.

My non-legal, not-your-lawyer advice is to accept the circumstances with which you’ve been presented, accept that some things come at a loss, and appreciate that you have a landlord who actually gets back to you within 24 hours.