wrt300n power supply

My puppy chewed the power supply on my Linksys 300n router. I am trying to get a new one ,but the on line sites try to sell me a 12v 1 amp supply. The 300 requires a 12v 2 amp. I have been all over the net trying to get the right one. Who do the Dopers recommend I try ? I went to Newegg, Ebay and can not find the right one.

Allied Electronics. Here’s their 12-volt power adapters, cheapest on top of list. Third one is 2 amps. Connector may not match, just solder the one from your old unit.

The datasheet on the Cisco site states 12v 1A.

Strange. It says 12 v 2 amp on the cord. When I called Linksys ( a long process of being on hold to India) they said it was 12 v 2 amp. Now what do I do? I have a 1amp from an old router.

Ahh. I’m guessing the power rating of the router is 1 amp, i.e. it draws one amp typically. The power supply is over-rated to allow for surges, etc.

Your 1 amp supply will probably work OK, at least in the short term. It might get a bit hot, and have a reduced life, but I can’t see it causing any damage to the router. Give it a shot and report back.

My son sent out for a new one. I plugged in the 1 amp til it comes. It seems to work ok. It is from the 150 router the 300 replaced.


This wrt300n fact sheet lists 12v 1A for power:


1A is a bit for a little router like this. Thats 12 watts of power. Perhaps its cutting it close if you are using all 5 ethernet ports and doing a lot of transfers all the time, but for typical use that 1A ps should be okay.

>It says 12 v 2 amp on the cord.

You might have a different hardware revision that the one on the website. Looks like theres a v1 and a v2. Perhaps the engineers felt that some extra headroom was needed in one of the versions.