WSC, golds or Ballys...NOVA people help!

SO i belong to washington sports club, expensive, but nice, and worth the extra money…but my friend is joining golds, and it is a lot cheaper, and there is a Bally’s behind my office, and that is cheap too…anyone have any thoughts on which of these gyms in the dc area (alexandria VA actually) is better…

i am gay, so i want a gym where i would feel comfortable…not looking for one where the guys hook up in the shower, although that’s fine of they do, it’s just not what i am looking for

Another gay NOVA Doper, aw-riight! I’m afraid that in any gym you go to, guys will cruise you in the locker room–they certainly do at the WSC at Bradlee Shopping Center in Alex that I went to before I moved.

“Better” is such a subjective term. If you’re ooking at rates alone, then Gold’s is a good choice. I like the one by Skyline in Falls Church.

Factors to consider in addition to price:
Is the gym crowded when you want to work out?

Is there a good mix of free weights and machines?

Are the trainers friendly and certified?

The distance from home and office

Does it have a pool/sauna/sufficient cardio equipement so you don’t have to wait?

woo-hoo…go gay nova!!! so where do you live? i do go to the one in bradley…i hope i wasn’t scaring you and cruising you!
i was going to join the one on rt one…any news on that one? the bally’s by my office is near landmark.

dudue…so excited to see another nova doper!!!

are you a member of the golds in falls church…why did you move, i need a gym buddy!!!

Wish we had been able to work out at the Bradlee WSC because I wanted a workout partner. Right now, I work out at home. I did the figures on the cost of a home gym versus the costs of the gym membershipo ver time, and I went out and put together my own workout space.

Maybe we’ll meet at a Dopefest!