WSOP 2006 coverage starts on ESPN tonight (7-18)

Two-part episode covering the Circuit event at Harrah’s in New Orleans. Starting at IIRC 8:00 EDT.

You don’t have to tell me twice. However, can anyone find a TV listing? I poked around on and couldn’t find anything. A simple page with the event, airdate, and time and no spoilers would be appreciated.

There’s tonight’s TV listing, shows “2006 World Series of Poker presented by Milwaukee’s Best Light” at both 7PM and 8PM, that seems to be local time (Central here).

That site appears to be inaccurate.

I did find a site with a WSOP TV schedule. It has spoilers for events that won’t be on TV but none for TV events. But clicking on any event from the page will spoil that event for you.


I’m not sure I follow.

From your cite
July 18 – 8 p.m. Harrah’s New Orleans Circuit #1
July 18 – 9 p.m. Harrah’s New Orleans Circuit #2

Seems to be the same info that the schedule I posted had, but the times listed are Eastern instead of Central.

Pretty entertaining table. Having the chip leader get his KK busted by quad 6 heads up, plus the poor schmuck with the $700K side bet right there, having to believe that he was toast, that was a nail biter.

That schedule is goofy. They’re televising additional events after the main event? Very odd.

Hopefully they’ll add some more non-Hold 'Em events to the television; if truth be told, I’m a little sick of watching nothing but Hold 'Em on TV and I’d love to see more Omaha and especially stud (my personal favorite game).

Seems reasonable to me. I think they want to get the main event on as quickly after the tournament as possible, so they will start the main event about two weeks after it ends. Last year it was, what, two months? And then I think they are going to be able to pad out their schedule withother events. I much prefer it this way.

I am disappointed that they only appear to be showing one Omaha and one HORSE tournament (no stud from what I can tell).

No kidding. They play the same No Limit shows over and over and over when there are almost 40 different tournaments to choose from. Spice it up a little, sheesh.

Well there are some events listed as tbd which I assume means to be determined. So maybe they’ll pick some more Omaha, stud, razz, 2-7 etc. to show. I understand why they lard the schedule with holdem but it’s kind of self-perpetuating. People watch holdem because that’s what’s on, and that’s what’s on because people watch it. I recall criticising ESPN’s programming choices last year too. Chan and Doyle both won their historic tenth bracelets and they showed neither final table, a celebrity (Tilly) won a bracelet for the first time and they didn’t show her final table, etc.

It looks like the TBD just means the tournament hasn’t been played yet so no winneris listed. Their TV scehdule looks filled.

Slight nitpick, Doyle’s 10th bracelet win was shown.