WSOP Main Event schedule question

During the Main Event, play begins at Noon, and each level lasts 2 hours (with 20 min. breaks) I’m curious if the modifications lsited below could work? BTW, the last day is 4 months after the beginning.

Real Life
Day 1: 5 levels
Days 2-5: 4 levels
Day 6: 5 levels
Day 7: Down to 27 players
Day 8: Down to 9 players
Day 9: Down to a winner

My Structure
Day 1: 8 levels
Days 2-5: 6 levels
Day 6: 8 levels
Day 7: Down to 9 players
Day 8: Down to winner

Are you shortening the levels?

Otherwise you want the thousands of day one players playing from noon until 6:30am?

You have 48 levels before the day you play down to 9, whereas the real schedule has 26 levels before the day it plays down to 27. How many levels do you think it’s going to take to play from 27 to 9?

You either require shorter levels (bad) or people playing huge lengths per day. Even if it’s the latter, you end up cramming in about 70% more poker into it yet expect it to finish on roughly the same schedule. I’m not sure what your goal is here.

My goal is start b4 noon, and a shorter tourney, if possible. And I’d assume they’d start about 8 or 9 AM, but the length of 27 down to 9 I don’t know in all honesty.

Even starting before noon, you’d still have people playing around 19 hours straight. Seems excessive, especially for the first day when you have the most people involved. If anything it’d be logistically easier to add time per day later when there are fewer people involved. I’m not sure what the benefit of cutting it a day short is.

OK, time for some pathetic self-disclosure: It’s probably just an anal OCD-ish thing.