WTC and Clay Shaw of JFK fame

i was reading some of the jfk assassination sites and checking out the clay shaw connection, and i was wondering if the world trade centers with which he was connected were related to the nyc ones or if that is just some sort of generic name which he glommed onto as did the owners of the two towers?

From :

After the war, Shaw returned to New Orleans, where, as a highly decorated war hero and a Louisiana native, his job prospects were promising. In 1947 a group of prominent local businessmen invited him to help create a center for international trade. Christened the International Trade Mart (and later renamed the World Trade Center of New Orleans), the center was the brainchild of founders Rudolph S. Hart, Theodore “Ted” Brent, and Herbert Schwartz. Shaw became Managing Director, and for his chief assistant hired J. B. Dauenhauer, a Loyola graduate he had met in the Army, while assigned to the Oise Bay Section Command in Rheims, France.

You know, besides the murder itself, one of the saddest parts (to me) of the whole affair is how Garrison dragged Clay Shaw’s reputation through the mud. Here was a guy who did more for New Orleans than anyone since La Salle, and how do people remember him now, especially after the JFK movie? As a sniveling wierdo. All because Shaw was homosexual, and Garrison had some bizarre hangups about that fact.

curtc-you seem to have some good info about clay shaw…is it on the web, or did you get it from first hand accounts? if on a website, could you share the link? sadly, when i google someone famous such as shaw et al, all i seem to get is jfk stuff and i wanted to find out more about him personally.
now, back to the main.
So, is the wtc of new orleans related to the one in new york? i seem to recall a bunch of wtc’s being associated with him. the centro mondo commerciale (SP) italy-wise, seems to me to be italian for wtc. don’t know if one is a subsidiary of the other or if it was a popular name at the time or what.
thanks for the help.

Sorry for the delay - I’m just now getting around to follow-ups of old postings. The definitive resource for investigating all matters relating to the assassination is The Kennedy Assassination Home Page by John McAdams. Be forewarned that McAdams relies on silly things like physical evidence and contemporaneous witness accounts, and dismisses witnesses whose recollection has changed in the last 40 years, and have histories of unreliability, so he naturally comes to the Lone Nut conclusion. He has a whole page full of links relating to Garrison’s fiasco of a prosecution. You can dig as deeply as you like.

The prosecution of Shaw was especially outrageous because of why Garrison suspected Shaw in the first place: because someone had given them the name “Clay Bertrand,” and you know how homosexuals are always changing their last names but keeping the same first names, right? Therefore Clay Shaw was this Clay Bertrand that everyone else said didn’t exist but was the product of someone’s overactive imagination while on pain medication. That it pretty much the whole chain of evidence linking Clay Shaw to the assassination.

thanks for the info…the macadams site is just a bit too smoke-and-mirroresque for me. sure, they have a bunch of info, but, whether by design or chance, they are a pretty limp group of apologists for the warren commission.

Smoke and mirroresque? I’m not sure what that means. There are lots of references to what witnesses said to the WC in their testimony. And the WC commissioned several pieces of research by bona fide experts, so those are all there. The site is critical of the WC in those cases where the WC didn’t do a good job, such as with some of the medical evidence. What was it that you saw that causes you to say they were apologists?

McAdams’s page is by far the most extensive and most reliable, mostly because of the reasons CurtC mentioned in his first post. It is one of the few to rely on the facts and to seriously look into the claims. JFK conspiracy theorists ignore not only actual evidence, but the evidence of their own eyes (they think, for instance, that a bullet can make a right angle turn in flight without hitting anything, and that modern guns give off visible smoke).

You might also want to see Gerald Posner’s “Case Closed,” which clearly shows the major holes in all the conspiracy theories. (Though when I wrote Posner about my own conspiracy theory*, he replied “Case Reopened!”)

Back to the original question, there are “World Trade Centers” all over the country. (They even tried to set one up here in Schenectady.) It’s usually a facility where the city tries to drum up international trade, and can be as small as a single office.

*Superman was the killer. JFK knew his secret identity (Action Comics #300), so had to die.

To answer the actual OP, the New Orleans WTC was connected with the New York WTC in the sense that both were members of the World Trade Centers Association. The purpose of the Association is explained here on its website.

The New Orleans WTC also has its own website.

as an aside, i have checked out case closed by posner. it is basically an imprimatur for the WC. if you read rush to judgement AFTER reading case closed you will find a lot of holes in posner’s lines of reasoning. two things that come to mind right now…he disses sylvia odio’s testimony (i think that was the name …i’m at work so i can’t check) because she didn’t have a letter that she wrote to her father while he was in a cuban prison. bizarre…one doesn’t have a letter that one sends to a prison 1000 miles away (if i recall … next, he uses the , who are they, oh yes, failure analysis company’s reconstructed video to show that the magic bullet theory is genuine! what a joke…if you see the video, you will clearly see that it is a crock. also, the ramsey commision in, i think, 1969 says that kennedy’s bones were not hit…naturally, posner says that his holding his throat was some reflex that occurs when your spine is hit. to risk an axiom, a man being shot thru the neck and throat will probably clutch same, and resist attempts to have his hands pulled away. i can go on and on about what a loser book that case closed is, but, the boss would prefer that i work for him right now!
thanks for all input on this theme. i didn’t mean for it to digress; i was curious if shaw was tied in to what we call the WTC.

oops, sorry! read “(if i recall … next, he uses the , who are they, oh yes, failure analysis company’s reconstructed video” as

“away (if i recall when one sends letters, it is not for the purpose of sender keeping same)… next, he uses the , who are they, oh yes, failure analysis company’s reconstructed video”…
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Thank 'ee much. it’s just what i wanted.

likewise, realitychuck.