WTC--Faces in the Smoke

The term for recognizing shapes and faces of familiar things from an obscure stimulus such as smoke or clouds, is called “Pareidolia”.

My guess is that it’s the right window that KCB615 is referring to… It sort of vaguely looks like Sigmund Freud, but with an elongated head and big ears. It took me a while to find that, though.

It is pretty much hard wired into our psyche to see human-ish faces in almost anything. Studies have shown even babies have this propensity.

Each morning at about 6:15am, I take my morning shit. Every day I notice how some indentations and creases, combined with the shadows they produce create a “face” in the lower left hand corner of my shower curtain. If God is trying to speak to me there, about all he could be saying is, “hey, clean this mildew off of me!”

This is something you see in the weakly world news (I refuse to capitalize it).

My apologies, I should have explained the photo when I posted it.

If you look at the main body of fire in the picture window, there is what (to me and those who I can point it out to) looks like a skeleton’s face, looking to its left (the right to our view). Just above the window sill is the mouth, looks like top and bottom teeth with a vertical line on either side indicating the edge of the mouth. Above the center of the mouth is a rough triangle for a nose (more like a lack of a nose, much like a skeleton). To the left of that nose, a round feature that looks like its right eye, just below the mushrooming of the fire at the ceiling. Between the nose and the eye, a swirling that looks like a cheekbone. All the way to the left of the window opening, another round feature that looks like an ear. Below the ear and eye, a slightly diagonal line that looks like the corner of the chin. Work with me here, folks…

The fridge-like object in the left window is cardboard covering the outside of the window. We wanted it dark inside when we were playing in the building. We’re not allowed, per the Department of Enviromental Protection and the National Fire Protection Association, to leave furniture inside the building. DEP gets upset because of the added polutants when they burn (they very, very, very grudgingly let us burn the building by itself). NFPA gets upset because the building on fire itself is unpredictable, don’t add to that unpredicability by tossing in furniture and appliances. All we can burn inside the building is hay (certified grown without pesticides and/or fertilzers that can remain on the hay after harvest) and pallets. The face is actually a pile of pallets thats burning.

Thanks. As much as my comment was a small aside, and considering I don’t know diddly about fire fighting, I still thought some group would be out there complaining about appliances, furniture, and the like, being purposely set on fire (With the fridge, I was thinking freon).

In terms of the skeleton, I’m still missing it…

I see it, but it looks like either The Great Pumpkin or a very angry Pac Man.

Maybe we should get this one together with SnuggleSatan. I see great potential for world domination through demonic possession of clothes dryers and the infamous Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Hex.

Ohmigod, I see another one - a profile of either Vladimir Lenin or the actor - I can’t remember his name - who played Kris Kringle in the first version of Miracle on 34th Street. Run! It’s a Commie who’s going to force you to sit in Santa’s lap and denounce capitalism!!!

I also see Wilford Brimley - that character actor who plays all those curmudgeon types. I think he advertises oatmeal too.

I’m scared.

On the front page of my local newspaper, there was a WTC picture with a face in the smoke. Can’t find a link. Sorry.

I agree, it looks more like an Snuggles the bear, not the devil.