WTC--Faces in the Smoke

i just saw on nbc these two pictures that caught an interesting reflection of light in their initial pictures of the explosions, and it gives the illusion of huge faces in the smoke. i have been looking desperately on the web for these pics to take a closer look, because they scared the sh** out of me when i first saw them. has anyone seen them?

If I try, I can see faces in just about every smoke photo I look at.

I saw one in the newspaper, but haven’t found it online yet.

I saw the “devil” photo and thought it looked much more like a cross between Casper the Friendly Ghost and the Snuggle Fabric Softener bear.

Oh. My. God.

It is Satan! It’s SnuggleSatan! Run for the hills!

Here’s a site with the “devil” pic:

(slight hijack (bad word choice, I know))
The site also features album cover art by a rap group called “Coup”. The group’s record label presents the following disclaimer:

"From The Staff of 75ARK:

The original cover artwork for the Coup album, Party Music, was created long before the tragic events of September 11. 75ARK respects our artists’ right for artistic freedom, but in this instance, we are all in agreement that a change is necessary.We are in the process of creating new artwork for the album. Our thoughts and prayers are with everyone whom this tragedy has touched.
The physical cover of the album has never been printed. The cover artwork exists
mostly as a web image. We ask that all web supporters and fans of the Coup and
75ARK to discourage any further distribution of this image. We appreciate all your
continued support during this indescribable time."

So I guess the album cover wasn’t considered tasteless until the WTC disaster. I say send a copy to everyone you know and shame this band into oblivion.

Seethruart, is that you?

Hey-that’s not Satan! It’s Tinky-Winky!

I knew there was something wrong with that Teletubby …

I have worked box office for the Coup when they have played my college. I’ve met them. They are an okay group of people.

They are a radical Hip Hop group. (more radical than Rage Against the Machine, which mneans they are not really all that radical) Condemming them for thier albulm cover is like condemming the people who made Fight Club for its terrorism plot.
The important thing is that the company is changing the cover.

That statement is not really appropriate to this forum.

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My apologies for flaming the group on GQ forum and not in the BBQ Pit where it belongs.

no doubt most have seen the photos, but for those who haven’t, they are on a local news station website at:

the site says that one is from cnn and the other from the AP. it also explains how it is unlikely they have been touched-up.

Holy sh–!! I know that rappers are our prophets of today, but the Coup album cover even shocked me. The background cover has it almost down to the very floors of impact. This to me is a much more impressive phrophecy than the hoax Nostradamus ‘prophecy’ unfortunately recited by Dave Jennings of ABC a couple of days ago.

That album cover is going to be worth hundreds someday.

I am not as impressed with the ‘devil’ photos. Apparently ol’ Art with his conspiracy theories still does not get the conspiracy of ‘retouching’ a photo.

Or at least was. It might have gone the way of the Beatles’ kid butcher album cover, only if it was released earlier. How sad.

You can think of billowing smoke from a massive explosion much like moving clouds x 1 million!! It’s all random! Eventually you’ll see all kinds of shapes and figures…even those that look like the Devil, Santa Claus, Snuggles, Pillsbury Doughboy, and Bozo the Clown!!!

You’re right, it is random, but its freaky as all heck when you take a picture of smoke or fire and see a face in it.

I took this picture in July of 1999 at a training fire in the town next door to my own. After I got the pictures developed, a face nearly jumped out of the picture at me. I must have taken a dozen or so pictures of those pallets burning, but only one had a face in it.

I must be dense (I’m sure others hold that opinion), but I’m not seeing a face in your burning structure. Do you mean that pumpkin-like blob in the fire inside the window?

Hmmm… Me neither.

I think I see something in that upstairs window, but it looks more like a fox, than anything else.
I’m sitting here wondering about that fridge in there. Don’t they gut the place out before you burn it down?

I presume that for a training fire you’d want the house to be pretty close to the condidtion that a normal house would be in, furniture, appliances, and all. It’s probably a junker that they picked up for twenty bucks just to see how it would burn.

I don’t see anything either.

in training fires you try to make things as real as possible. sometimes things are even added to the structure to give information on burn time, smoke toxin, etc.

snugglesatan huh? i may have to change my sn.