WTC dust as image of Satan?

I have been told there were CNN photos of the WTC dust cloud that showed an image of Satan. However, I cannot seem to find any evidence about it online. I have already seen all the numbers sites but, this one seemed unlikely.

Snopes to the rescue!

The folks at Snopes must be working overtime these days. I’ve got to check in there more often.

And haven’t we seen one or two threads on this recently?

This was predicted by me. Now you can bow down to the goddess.


SqrlCub - I’ll give you the tip of my hat, but if you want me to bow, you would have to had predicted the tragedy in the first place.

Thanks for the hugs !

Lockfist, don’t be too hard on Sqrlclub. I checked last Tuesday’s horoscopes in several papers, and none of them warned of what was to happen.

I don’t think even the Weekly World News’s psychics called this in their annual new year’s predictions edition.

Where were all the bloody psychics when we could have used them?

I didn’t think that it looked anything like Brian.
But then again you would have to ask Drain, or others who have met him in person.

Well, in the public interest, OpalCat searched all the images of the WTC fires that were available, in order to provide all the messages that have been conveyed to us through the agents of smoke. She has identified them on her Pictures in the Smoke page.

I remember the tabloids claiming that w/ waco. It’s getting old, find a new rumor to spread.

All those photos are all well and good (I especially enjoyed Opal’s “Pictures in the Smoke” [sounds like a folk-rock album]) – but have you seen the outstanding art work the Weekly World News plasters on its covers when they do a Satan in the Smoke cover? That’s some quality work.
Personally I can’t wait to see it. Here’s an example. It’s a small rendition of the artwork, but you get the picture – so to speak.

[hijack] - I’ve wanted to let others know about the latest WWN headline I saw and this seems like a good a place as any - “Bill Catches Hillary With Space Alien” – sub-title: “‘I thought she was gay!’ sez stunned ex-Pres.” And of course the whole thing came complete with a picture of Hillary wrapped in a classic Alien’s arms. It’s priceless.