WTC Scientologist scam

[Black screen. Fade up to Jerry Bruckheimer logo.]


They said it was over.

They said it couldn’t be done.

They…were wrong.
[orchestra sting]

This summer…one religious wackadoo will defy the world.
[car chase scene]

This summer…one messianic nutjob will give western civilization the finger.
[boat chase scene]

This summer…it’s all about the Taliban, baby.
[camel chase scene]

Osama bin Laden IS L. Ron Hubbard in…
[Explosions. Cool-as-a-smokin’-ass-monkey-CGI logo]


Special appearance by Tom Cruise as the young Marlon Brando:
[Cruise] “NICOOOLE…er, STELLA!”

…John Travolta as The Edgy Guy Who Talks Real Quiet:
[Travolta] “I’m clear! No, wait…the E-Meter broke. Fuck.”

…and Jenna Elfman as…The Blonde.
[Elfman] “Tee-hee!”

Soundtrack featuring Sir Mix-A-Lot…
[Mix] “…Five-point-oh twenty-four-K Thetans…”


[sub]I probably shoulda gone to bed an hour ago.[/sub]

Stern played an interview by someone of Travolta, the gist of which was Olivia Newton-John called him (no kidding) as he was filming in NC or somewhere, and said the firefighters and other volunteers would love to see him up there. So he went, as a morale booster, was greatly touched, yadda yadda, got more out of it than the volunteers got out of his visit (no surprise), etc.

Obviously, as I’m pulling out body parts of colleagues and pictures of orphans from a six-story high pile of rubble, I’m thinking to myself “Boy, you know what would cheer my spirits–if John Travolta stopped by and shook my hand.” The ego of these people is astounding.

And so, as a scientologist who was personally touched by the tragedy and spoke so movingly about it, I wonder what Mr. Travolta would say about his church’s recent activities.

How I wish I’d known about this thread when it was first posted (I was netless then).

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Last I recall, John Travolta was OTVII™ or OTVIII™. At that level of Scientology™, you question nothing.

Sure glad I didn’t see Battlefield Earth. :wink:

Sneaky dudes, eh!

I didn’t see this thread either. I also meant to post this link to a “story” planted in the New York Frigging Times on September 20, but I lost the URL. I’ve found it again, so here it is:

(For some reason that URL isn’t parsing…sorry)

Requires registration, but the gist is positive about their scumbag ways. However, this should be enough to make anyone puke:

**At least 800 ministers have cycled through the scene, many coming from Quebec, Florida or California, he said.

Yesterday, Mr. Carmichael’s 19-year-old son manned the busy front desk at the church’s building on 46th Street. Signs out front proclaimed it a “Disaster Relief Headquarters” and encouraged volunteers to ask how they could help.**

My blood is boiling all over again reading that. How DARE they proclaim themselves “Disaster Relief Headquarters” when the skriptures of $cientology say that compassion is a bad thing! They’re ONLY out to make money money money and whatever they did/do at Ground Zero (or anywhere else) is only designed to get bodies into the shop to make more money money money. Fuckers.

Read about the $cieno “Tone Scale” and see where Sympathy, Pity, Grief, Victim, Needing Bodies and Sacrifice are (hint: they’re all under “2.0”):

…then realize that L. Ron Hubbard, said this:

From “Science of Survival”, the #2 book in Scientology, part I page 131:

“…any person from 2.0 down on the tone scale should not have, in any thinking society, any civil rights of any kind”

and this:

“It is not necessary to produce a world of clears in order to to have a reasonable and worthwhile social order; it is only necessary to delete those individuals who range from 2.0 down, either by processing them enough to get their tone level above the 2.0 line…or simply quarantining them from the society.”

– L. Ron Hubbard, “The Science of Survival”, p. 157

These quotes are from:

$cientology is a maggot-infested shitstain masquerading as a religion.

Fuck you Tom Cruise.
Fuck you John Travolta.

You’re both high enough in rank that you know EXACTLY what this thing you call a religion is all about (Xenu & the Body Thetans) and you’re still brainwashed and blackmailed into kissing the dead, stinky, worm-eaten ass of L. Ron Hubbard. You give it a “respectability” that it does not deserve, and in your heart of hearts, I’d bet you know it too. Fuck all celebrity $cienos for trying to lure in fans and other clueless people. You deserve nothing but contempt and spittle.



We all know that you were just hanging out for the sequel Mission Earth (no, I’m not joking) so you could do the “doub-le fea-ture, sci-ence fic-tion” thing. :stuck_out_tongue:

[sub]no Rocky Horror Show characters were harmed in the composition of this post[/sub]

FWIW my wife’s late uncle Bob Guinn was publisher of Galaxy Science Fiction magazine many years ago. At a certain point he refused to print ads from L. Ron Hubbard. He never told us the exact reason, but I presume he had become aware of what a con man Hubbard was.

I’m not denying that they did this… but that “intercepted scientology email” just reads like … well like something written to make them look bad.

Opal, I know that you and I have differences of opinions on very many things. We always have. That’s part of what this message board and FFF are about - the right to disagree on just about everything and yet still have respect for the opninion of others. If your email addy is in your profile, then you’ll have mail within the next couple of minutes. If it isn’t, then could you please email me at the address shown in my profile? Thanks.

To clarify, I think Scientology is a major scam. I don’t think they are a religion and I think they do a lot of harm. I think they probably killed that woman mentioned earlier in this thread, for example. I also think that they probably did do the WTC scam mentioned in the OP.

But if you read the ‘intercepted emails’… well they just sound fake to me.

I’m with Opal, those just don’t ring true. It’s sort of like A\an Anti-Jewish site posting the “intercepted” Protocols of the Elders of Zion.

That being said, Scientology is still a scam-- The “Tech” that works is all public domain common sense, and the Sci-fi stuff that it’s coated in isn’t even good Sci-fi.

I see your point, and I wish they’d clarified that bit. It does sound bad, but my understanding is this: there is a $cientologist-only mailing list that’s been around for years. It’s not easy to join, you have to be sponsored and who knows what all. However, there are long-time scientologists on the list who are disaffected but who feel they are better off staying on the inside and keeping anti-scientologists informed about what’s going on, than just leaving the cult. They’re the ones who pass on such e-mails/information to sites such as Operation Clambake and the newsgroup alt.religion.scientology.

The person who used the term “intercepted” isn’t a native English speaker, and used a term that made sense to him, but which has alarm bells associated with it to us. These are my impressions, without any specific extra knowledge about that particular missive.


“But I’m saddened that despite all the writings to the contrary of Christianity or just flat out proclaiming Christianity as a fraud, that people will still continue to believe it and support it.”

People will believe all kinds of strange things. I imagine you could find things that Christians or Muslims or Jews did that would make a fake hotline look pale.

I am not comparing Scientology th C/J/I but religion is all about faith, believing in something that cannot be proved.
Anyone who takes advantage of the victims of tragic events are beneath contempt IMO.


Proof that Scientology is, in fact, evil. (Operation Clambake)

(My emphasis.)

Scientology is a Nazi-like system that, so far, has never had the chance to emulate the real Nazis. They believe that free thought is an infection and will go to any lengths to root it out. They have no morality outside the context of spreading Scientology. They do not respect laws, they are merely bound by them. Sometimes, even that is not enough.
Lisa McPherson, killed by Scientology. (

What is Scientology? (SDMB thread)
-Scroll down to the end to find my comments, and the comments of Scientologist.

The scariest quote:

Happily, Hubbard died in the 1980s. His evil legacy lives on.

WTF is your problem, dude.

Whyn’t you pre-vue so your post makes sense, jerkwad.

(standing on soapbox)

Hey, if Scientology is so evil … why hasn’t Jack Chick done a tract on them?

Did’ya ever think of that? Hmmm? Can’t be all that bad then, right?

(sound of feet running away)

Um, Reprise was making a reference to Rocky Horror Which was explained in subscipt. [sub]Reprise is not a jerkwad, and was not actually saying you want to see some shitty sci-fi movies, it was a joke.

The Annotated Science Fiction/Double Feature

I love the Internet.


Scuse me, but Reprise apparently didn’t see my smiley either and part of his post said “I’m not joking” :rolleyes: so…I did the obvious; I considered he wasn’t joking. I am not familiar with Rocky Horror, so I guess I missed the joke/non-joke/whatever.

ICW the OP I have to agree, these people are scum. :mad: