WTC Scientologist scam

Read all about how Scientologists tried to prevent WTC victims from getting legitimate counseling, and instead tricked people into calling their recruitment hotline:

It make Starbucks look like the Red Cross!

You know, I thought that my opinion of Scientologists couldn’t get much lower. I was wrong.

I’ve noticed that certain organizations WON’T tell you who they are, up front. Scientology is one of them, Amway is another. That says something about them, that they are ashamed of who they are.

All I have to say is Holy Shit!!!


Yup, that’s contemptible, all right. Those wacky thetanists.

This makes me sick to my stomach and furious at the same time.

Funny you should mention Amway. It appears they got their collective asses kicked out of the Supreme Court yesterday, too.

I’ve been at odds with the Co$ since before I even knew much about them, thanks to the fact that it turned one of my better friends from an outgoing, open-minded, and generally likeable person to a maniacal, obsessed E-Meter pimp. And this is at the age of 16. (She never had a chance…her parents were both clams.)

Interestingly enough, just yesterday the Supreme Court dismissed a second lawsuit made on behalf of the ‘church’ of Scientology against Time magazine.

Time wrote an article portraying Scientology as nothing more than a huge scam.

It’s nice to see the word is getting out on these scum.

A very brief blurb on the details mentioned here can be found at-

Nation: Supreme Court refuses to review Church of Scientology libel case

Well that was odd.

Sorry, apotheosis, I swear I didn’t see that post. Hmmm.

But it heartens me that others here were quick to bring up the ruling yesterday.

But I’m saddened that despite all the writings to the contrary of Scientology, or just flat out proclaiming Scientology as a fraud, that people will still continue to believe it and support it.

Are you saying that they worship a specific Greek letter representing a variable angle or that they have lisps? :wink: :smiley:

[sub]“How did you know I wath from Cathtille?”
“By the way you say your ‘esses’.”
“Whath wrong with the way I thay my etheth?”

As a rule, I find the antics of scientologists despicable, but this is arguably the single most offensive campaign I’ve heard of to date. To pose as legitimate mental health professional in the wake of a tragedy; to actively disrupt the activities of professional volunteers in an effort to monopolize the consoling of those in need; to seek to further your own agenda at the expense of those devastated by the attack: Sickening.

As a side question, exactly what is it about the church of scientology that allows it to be recognized as a bona fide religion by the US and other countries? Certainly one should not be allowed to peace together any assemblage of beliefs and be granted such status, and other nations have the good sense not to recognize them.

could it be that these people are just STUPID!?!

Writing for a penny a word is ridiculous. If a man really wants to make a million dollars, the best way would be to start his own religion.
Writer Ron Hubbard in 1949
who later founded the Church of Scientology

more fuel for the fire

Yeah, yeah, we know…And people still join up. Lemmings.

Speaking of which, I saw your username in conjunction with the “religion” reference and my first thought was “Hey – don’t you have your own university?” :wink:

This is why I believe that Scientology is far more than just a scam, but that it’s entirely built on evil:

I suspect that their numbers are getting smaller. But they still have big cash reserves to draw upon.

Every effort they make to make themsleves look better, or silence critics invariably backfires. Some critics have taken to calling such projects “Operation FootBullet!”

Ever notice that you never see PETA and Scientology together in the same room?

Isn’t there a Cecil Column on SciFIentology?
They THREATENED OUR UNCLE CECIL? Dopers, are WE going to stand for this?

If anyone has the opportunity, ask John Travolta what he thinks of the Scientology hotline (anyone hear Howard Stern this morning? Very amusing, and very sad).

Well, don’t keep us in suspense, johnson. Tell us what happened please!

Osama binLaden is a Scientologist!

(Of course its a lie. Who cares? Spread it around anyway!)