Celebrity Scientologists

Yikes! I knew about Cruise and Elfman and Alley and Travolta—but Hyde from That 70s Show? I am crushed . . .

I’m also disappointed that Bart Simpson ('s voice anyway) has been reached. Haven’t they ripped on the L. Ronners in some episodes?

Oh well, money and fame does not equal brains.

Lisa-Marie Presley. Greta Van Susteren. Chick Corea. Isaac Hayes. Anne Archer. Giovanni Ribisi. Erika Christensen …

Check www.xenu.net 's “ARS week in review” link; they keep up with the various Scieno celebrities and their cult recruitment drives disguised as various charities etc.

It’s Jason Lee that smarts the worst, though, so cute, so likable, and EEE-VILL.

Aargh, not Anne Archer! Aw man, I’m crushed!

Agreed that Scientology is a giant scam poorly disguised as a religion. Agreed that followers of Scientology are dupes and dumbasses.

But would somebody tell me why anybody should give a rodent’s buttocks who’s on a list of celebrity Scientologists?

Its just sort of odd, I suppose. I guess they do it to seperate themselves from, “the masses.”

The redhead from Thats 70’s show is there to…Damn.

I can forgive Travolta; he got into it a long time ago. But the newer ones should have heard by now that it’s a scam.

What minty green said, and to paraphrase Joe Frazier when he was asked about “that” religion Muhammad Ali was involved in – a man’s religion is his own business.

NOOOOOOOOOOooOOOoooOOOOOOOOoooo!!! Why the hell did you have to tell me this?

They have. The Movementarians are similar to the Scientologists, as well as the Heaven’s Gate cult.

“Church, cult, cult, church. So we just get bored someplace else every Sunday.”

In all fairness, I wouldn’t be uch happier finding out that any of my favourite celebs was a die hard Christian. Perhaps I’d even be more disappointed. At least Scientologists are being creative.
For anyone who’s never read Hubbard’s creation of the universe story, which is Scientology’s equivalent of NIrvana (but with less peace and more aliens) and can only be reached at Operating Thetan Level, check it out (it can be found at www.xenu.com and other cult sites that have yet to be shut down). I made a movie for a high school religion class about Scientology, and reenacted the story with Troll dolls. Very effective.

We will soon have a new Aussie one as they are scouting James Packer, heir to billionaire Kerry.

(that should be “much” and “any one”)

Crap! My boycott (of not buying their movies, or tickets to said movies) just got harder.

There’s a list of celebrity atheists here.

Gosh, I love the Internet.

Slight hijack…

Has anyone on the SDMB been a scientologist?

I can imagine KP’s reaction when Jamie tells him that he wants to start spending his money on auditing.

“You fucking what?”

It would possibly do his chances of taking over more harm than when he lost a few hundred million on One.Tel.

  • Bubba.

S’Okay, the other one is armed.