WTC Site Designs

THINK has one design that has me wondering if it may be tasteless. Okay that may not be the best picture but look at this one featured at [url=“”]CNN’s site.
Do my eyes deceive me but is that a skeletal twin towers with an airplane lodged between them? Does anyone know of a better picture of this design that would show it isn’t an airplane or an airplane shaped object?

Good golly, would someone be kind enough to fix my messed up coding? Please?

There’s been a discussion of all the designs in Café Society:

WTC Rebuilds: Nine New Designs Are Released.

I’ve seen that proposal before. It does indeed look like the Twin Towers with some kind of elongated object stuck into them. It is quite tasteless, IMHO.

In fact, it seems as if all of the proposed WTC designs are screened for basic ugliness and/or tastelessness. Anything that resembles a normal building is rejected :wink:

Yes, that object is supposed to trace the impact trajectory through the two buildings. However, as the buildings were hit independently, tasteless or not, it does not portray the truth.