WTF Hulu? (minor)

Dear Hulu Ad tailor: I have provided feedback. I have dutifully clicked all sorts of amusing ads and shot down the annoying ones. Why do you hate me? Either I can enjoy properly male oriented ads and suffer through ad after ad for Geico, or I tell Geico to go away and get nothing but tampons. :smack: Seriously? I liked the tech ads, the PSA’s, the charity ones, cars, etc. I just don’t want auto insurance. Also, why do you assume that women do not buy auto insurance? Odd.

And don’t forget . . . “What can you do with plain rice?” I really like Hulu since I do not have TV; but every time it tricks me into playing one long commercial in the beginning; the video always ends in the middle and offers to replay with all the commercials. :smack:
And the TV Trivia first answer is wrong. But at least it is free.

Huh I haven’t gotten that one at all. I’d kill for a rice ad.

ooooooh wait a second!

This reminds me of when I go to eat dinner with my grandparents. CBS evening news is usually on, on the TV in the kitchen. Every other commercial is this one: “If you have an erection lasting longer than four hours…”


Have your thread back.

It really is for soup. The voice over says, “What can you do with a plain rice” or “What can you do with plain mashed potatoes.” Then they pour soup over the platter and sit down and eat.

That would be Hooter’s right?

My guess would be that Hulu only has a few companies buying commercials, and those companies specify whether they want to advertise to males or females.

Grandma’s cornbread gives you erections too?

Oh, no, everybody gets Geico, I thought. Geico is mandatory.

Not me. Click on a few mom and kid type ads, and Geico disappears, and is replaced by either the neosporin puppets, or an add for period hygiene stuff.

What about the Victoria’s Secret ad? That was my favorite and I voted yes for it. But they only showed it once.

it’s not her cornbread… (just sayin’)

My cynical side thought that they were collecting data for later use (when they had more ad buyers) and some use now, but mostly to keep you engaged during the commercial. Clicking yes/no doesn’t get rid of the ad, and they know you saw and reacted to the ad content.

In thisthread on YouTube ads, ExcitedIdiot (no relation to the cornbread predicament) mentions Ad Muncher, a $20 program that eliminates video ads. He mentioned Hulu, but I don’t know how well (if at or or how) it works. Anyone look into it?

What research I’ve done shows it working as of November 2010, blocking everythign but the sponsor message at the beginning.

It is also possible to block the ads on a per show basis with Adblock Plus. Depending on the ad, it might be skipped altogether, or you might have a 30 second wait where Hulu silently admonishes you for using adblock, but doesn’t actually halt the content. See this threadfor more.

Finally, it is possible to download the video using a program called StreamTransport. It requires you to start to play the video from using its internal browser, selecting the stream proper stream (which is usually obvious), and then pausing the playing video while the stream downloads. The resulting file will not have any ads.

It also may not play in VLC or Windows Media Player, so you may want to download a separate FLV player. The one I use came with Sector69 FLVCap. It’s lousy for its intended purpose (downloading and converting Flash videos) but has a great FLV player that has so far played everything I’ve thrown at it.