WTF??? (Iran blames Israel for Sandy Hook)

I swear, this isn’t even pit-worthy: Iran blames Israel for the Sandy Hook shooting
Apparently Israel is mad at the US for a snub regarding building in the West Bank, so our reaction was to send a death squad to shoot up the school and frame Adam Lanza.
Oh, and for some reason the US government is cooperating in the coverup, despite the fact that the reason Israel did this in the first place is a quarrel with the administration… :confused:

The crazy… It burns :smack:

This isn’t even worthy of anger. It’s just pathetic…
(I’d like to take this opportunity to offer condolences to anyone affected by the shooting)

Um… yeah. Once again we have played into the hands of those crafty Israelis. They’ve really got us over a barrel this time.

What about during National Brotherhood Week?

It doesn’t get much lower. Using our national tragedy for their propaganda purposes.

And somewhere, someone is believing this.

Ah! A Tom Lehrer fan. For those Dopers who don’t know or remember him, here’s a link to his classic song “National Brotherhood Week”

Meanwhile, Israeli nutcase Orly Taitz blames Sekret Muslim Obama:

In your FACE, Ayatollahs!

(info shamelessly swiped from davidm’s pit thread)

The sad thing is, I doubt this is the first time that Victoria Jackson has been more insane than Iran.

That bitch needs to be tested for rabies or something.


People here, apparently. The article was written by an American Conspiracy theorist, and its main “source” is another American. Apparently, we do still export some things.

My only defense is that she’s Israeli only in the sense that she used to live here, once.

Not that we don’t have our share of home-grown crazies; I just disclaim any ongoing responsibility for this one :o

Something is strange here. Here is the page in question. The actual url for the site, which I often visit is PressTv.Ir. – try it, it works. It’s just multiple domain names redirecting to the same server, internally.

Something is strange here. Here is the page in question. The actual url for the site, which I often visit is PressTv.Ir. It is pro Iranian as expected, but there is nothing there about the above story which reads rather less like what you normally see on PressTv.Ir. And the page in question, also has some rather interesting headlines on the left, written by persons like “Gordon Duff” and “Rodney Shakespeare”, none of which I could find else where

Yeah. “Orly” my ass.

Did you click the link I gave above your post? it’s identical to the original one in the WAPO story but using the domain; and it gives the same story/
Not saying you’re wrong to be skeptical – just that the skepticism doesn’t seem to be warranted, this time :slight_smile:

I missed seeing your post. Yes, I am sceptical and cynical by nature being a lawyer. But, this seems legitimate although the as it is an opinion piece written by the Gordon Duff fellow rather than a news report, its a bit of a different kettle of fish than saying that “Iran has blamed Israel”.

As an aside, my antivirus is getting ulcers or whatever the equivalent for computer programmes every time I click on it

He is, however, a regular (as in, a column every day or two) contributor to the site, so it’s kind of artificial to claim he isn’t representing the site’s owners’ views…

Either way, he looks ratherlike Boris Johnson after one too many Big Macs.

Duff’s a truther and Holocaust Denier. His main website is “Veterans Today”, which you’d think would be about veterans, but really is an anti-Semitic and anti-Israel website.

Makes sense he’s getting tapped by an Irani state-run news-site as an opinion writer, I suppose…

I’m gonna need Kozmik’s take on this before rendering an opinion. This may very well indeed fit in with the Illuminati’s nefarious schemes.