WTF is it with the Chinese metalcasting spam?

I’ve gotten at least three spam e-mails at one of my addresses purportedly from a manufacturer in Shenzhen, China that makes molds and machine parts.

WTF. How is this at all tempting anybody to click reply or whatever links they provide? The businesses who would be interested AND have someone gullible enough to follow up have to be extremely rare, and anyone else would be completely uninterested.

What’s the POINT?

I don’t know to what extent, if any, it’s effective for them, but they appear to be throwing it out in huge bulk in the hope that something sticks - this is genuine ‘marketing’ spam as opposed to malware or scams.

My website has articles about the fact I collect photos of lost gloves - I got spam from Chinese and Indian manufacturers of gloves, telling me they could supply any type and quantity. I have articles on recycling plastic - I got spam offering me import deals on plastic granules, and so on.

Some poor shmuck, possibly with only a very slight grasp of the English language, is sitting there scouring the internet for email addresses or contact methods related to keywords (in my case, probably ‘gloves’ and ‘plastic moulding’), and generating a list for the marketing spam to be sent to.

It takes more effort and skill to carefully pick the one possible worthwhile ‘hit’ out of a thousand ‘misses’ than it does just to email all of them and hope.

Have you done anything online that is related to keywords such as ‘casting’ or ‘foundry’?

Makes me wonder what kind of e-mail someone who brags about their dildo collection is getting…

More to the point, is this directed more for people in business rather than just us average consumers? I can’t recall seeing any e-mails like this in my in-box.